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Dear ASPs and ASPM’s®, I am very excited and pleased to announce that we have implemented a new feature for you on your ASP® Edit page on the University.  It will be found under your Staged Properties section on your edit page as an ASP®.  Make sure to see the graphics below to see where you will look to find the traffic coming to your Staged ASP® Homes on Staged homes.com.  You now will have the ability to view how many visitors have seen your ASP® Staged property. As we have just programmed this everyone is at zero, 0,  as we had to clear the cache to being the process.  So realize as you first go into the new program it will probably say 0 until it builds again of viewings of your ASP® Stagedhomes. This will be an excellent tool for you to report back to your sellers and agents too of how many times your houses are seen.  Make sure you include this feature in your presentations to sellers or agents whether you are an ASP® Stager or an ASP® Real Estate Agent!  Then keep watching the viewings of your ASP® Staged houses build.  Prior to clearing the cache required for programming I will tell you that it was running from 10 views to over 100 views per house in the far majority of homes on the Stagedhomes.com house portal site. I can tell you and show you below as will you see that over 35,000 houses have been seen recently on Stagedhomes.com as you see on our data below so your views of your houses will be growing and the number raising over time from now on.  Make sure to keep your ASP® Staged Homes updated and looking fresh and with plenty of information about the house so that the public and other agents want to see your ASP® Stagedhomes. From May 2 – June 1 there were 35,741 homes viewed on the SHC website.   This is unique visits meaning not repeat visitors and comprised of all home.  As you can see below ASP #10752 had 31 unique views in one month and MLS #108059 had 100 unique views in one month for one listing….I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to place your ASP® Staged Homes on the www.stagedhomes.com site and to keep your ASP® Designation active.  The below is not the report you will receive but rather documentation that we receive at Stagedhomes.com.  But I have included it for you to see so you can know more of what information is coming our way as we always strive to increase visibility for you.  Below this graph then are instructions for you to use each time you go into your ASP® edit page and look at your Staged Properties.  When you do that  you will be able to view per the instructions and pictures to show you your traffic.  Below this graph are the pictures of what you will see through your ASP® edit page.


Here are your steps to seeing the traffic on your ASP® Stagedhomes. 1.      Log into the Staging University® 2.      Click on your ASP® edit link on the upper left side of the tool bar on the U…. 3.      When you enter your own edit page then, on the left side, click on the dark green Staged Property Statistics bar.  (see the red arrow below pointing to the bar you click) stat2 4.      This will then take you to the page you see below where your data will build as people look at your homes. As The Creator of Home Staging® and an ASP® Stager myself and a Broker too I know how important data can be to clients.  It will be so good for you to be able to see how many visitors come to view your ASP®  Staged Properties. stat3 I really strive to continue to raise the bar on features we provide to you.  This is my mission and I take it very seriously.  Please use all of the tools that are available for you as an ASP® and one them is now the above and another is using the marketing tools on the Staging University® too in your business and with your clients. We will continue to work hard to give you new features as this one for your ASP® Staging and Real Estate Businesses. All my best, Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, AB The Creator of Home Staging® CEO Stagedhomes.com® Founder/Chairwoman IAHSP® and The IAHSP® Foundation Stage®, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, and Stagedhomes.com® are all Federally Registered Trademarks of Stagedhomes.com®

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