Buying your first home is no trivial decision, if you think that’s incorrect or untrue, ask someone who recently bought his first home, you’d realize how painstaking the process can be. Cheer up! It’s not all gloomy, it’s also an absolutely exciting and enthralling process if you are equipped with the right information on the aspects involved. For some people, buying a home is the biggest investment they’re going to ever make, hence the process can get pretty exciting for them and they might want to rush it and get it over with especially when they’ve found their favorite, but it’s important to note that rushing is not usually the wisest of plans. Being prepared and knowledgeable is always the best way to go especially for first-time buyers. Therefore, here are a couple of tips that will help you decipher the best approach in buying your new home.  
  1. Budgeting
So, we realized that a lot of people trying to buy their first home are usually millennials and most of the folks in this bracket are usually still burdened with student loans on their shoulders. Hence, this makes budgeting even more critical and important to your home-buying process because you have to decide how much more load in debt you can and are willing to incur, so you don’t become paralyzed by debt through a long span of years. Therefore it’s essential to create your budget which adequately dissects the range of amount you’re to borrow from your lender. It’s also advisable to have your budgeting done before going to see your lender in other to have clarity of purpose and demand. A credit counseling agency is also a great source for actionable advice on home-funding because they help reconcile your budget with the actual amount or range you can afford. They also help you understand home loans better. On the other hand, if you’re not certain about what a budget is, I’m pretty sure essay shark can cook up an amazing piece for your understanding.  
  1. Documentation
Documentation is another core subject matter in this entire process. These waters of documentation coupled with your credit score ultimately determine if your request will be granted, but before we dive into that, you’re going to need to provide a couple of documents to the mortgage company or mortgage lenders so that they can adequately assess your credit worthiness.  As years have progressed the paperwork involved the acquiring home loans have increased considerably, especially post-recession of 2008, Australian writings can also help with writings that need to be done. Therefore, you may require any of these depending on the situation, tax returns, Pay stubs, W-Zs or other proof of income, bank statements and other assets, credit history, gift letters, photo ID, renting history.  
  1. Credit Score and Preapproval letter
To improve your chances of getting the loans from these companies, you should maintain a FICO score of 720 and above, this category of individuals are usually granted loans, below this benchmark it might get difficult to secure a loan. If the FICO score is below 580 it gets nearly impossible to get credit from lenders. Also important is getting a preapproval letter, this helps see if you’re qualified for owning a house and the amount of money you can actually spend in acquiring your house. Some realtors take this very seriously and won’t deal with people that are not preapproved.   Funding Options What you should know first of all is that mortgage is not the singular source of funding a house purchase. Although mortgages are the most common medium used by people. There are various mediums or financial options for buying a house which includes cash, lease or rent-to-own, land contract, and government programs. Let’s go through a couple of tips and mediums you can employ.  
  1. Mortgage Loans
It’s essential to understand your financing option and plan early on in the house acquisition process in other to save yourself from a lot of stress and regret down the line. So, let’s talk about the different kinds of mortgage loans that are available. They majorly fall into two groups; fixed rate mortgages and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM). Those in the fixed rate category have a pre-stated and unchanging interest rate, while those in the adjustable rate category have an interest rate that varies with market conditions. The rate for ARM loan will change at specific time intervals, usually one to five years. To pick the best option for you, determine your plans long term. If you plan to stay in the house for a long while, the fixed rate is a good option but if your plan for the future is different or more short-lived the ARM is a good choice. The ARM option is very risky and must be thought through. The most common mortgage usually span a 30-year period. The types of home loans are conventional home loan and Federal Housing Administration loan (FHA). A conventional home loan is a loan from a bank, and it usually requires just a little down payment with more payments later on like the private mortgage insurance (PMI). The FHA on the hand is a United States Federal Housing Administration mortgage insurance backed mortgage which is usually offered by an FHA-approved lender.  
  1. Lease or Rent-to-Own
Before you go into this contract ensure to consult an attorney for adequate guidance and information. An experienced attorney would put you through on what needs to be done and what protection the contract affords you. This method of purchase allows you to pay by rental payments or lease to the owner.   Conclusion When it’s all said and done, the goal is that you purchase your ideal home in the most stress-free and burden-lenient way possible. Through this vital information, this can be achieved and in a couple of years, we’d like to paint a picture of a happy family with kids doing their assignments in the room with Assignment help and Essay help. We wish you the best as you get ready to purchase your first home. Author bio: Lauren Adley has been working as a writer at a publishing agency in Boston, USA  for 3 years. She is an expert in such topics as education, motivation, blogging, and social media. Meet her on Twitter.


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