Five Tips to Sell your Property Fast

On a scale of 1-10, how desperate are you to move into your new home?

When it comes to moving into a new property, chances are you want to do so in a specific time. However, there are important factors that would affect your move, a crucial one being how soon you can sell off your former home. This is why you must master the art of understanding how to sell using the right professionals that are there to help you achieve your goal.

This article winnows the ‘tricky’ chaff, leaving you with only tips that generate fast results.

1.  Fix any Minor Issues

Your major goal is to make the house more appealing to a potential customer. In the process, you would find some minor issues that can be quickly fixed e.g. painting the walls.

How do you start? Make a list of everything that is defective- the broken window glass, the leaking roof etc. As you fix them, weigh the effect these improvements would have on your house market value. You might discover that even if you spend $10k on repairs, your home’s market value would rise by more than $10k. Get an independent assessment from a Contractor or Inspector so you get a jump on any concerns that may come up in the inspection part of the sales process.

You also want to hire a qualified Professional Home Stager who will be objective in their review of your property and share what needs to be updated, remodeled, removed, added, etc. prior to listing. The Stager knows what buyers want in colors, materials and trends and need to be part of any discussion for changes you plan on making to your house prior to listing.

Most times, buyers might wonder what else must be wrong with the house when they notice these minor issues– and this could make or mar your deal with them. So, in the end, fixing most minor improvements are worth it; it helps you sell off faster. You can always consider taking money out of your home to finance the renovation projects.

2.  Get a Good Local REALTOR

The intricacies of making a good house sale is better done with the help of a good local REALTOR. Relationship is key when working with a REALTOR. It is not about how many listings they have it is about their ability to property market and sell your house. ASK them for their credentials and what their plan is to get you from listed to SOLD. There are platforms online you an use to search for agents and check the real estate transactions of the agents on the map. Hiring a right real estate agent will save you from costly unnecessary mistakes. Here’s a pro tip: hire a top local REALTOR, but feel free to negotiate the commission fee with the understanding that the lower someone goes on commission the less they will do for your house as they are not earning as much as a full-service REALTOR. Selling your house is NOT the time to skimp and squeeze as you get what you pay for – that adage is very true when it comes to selling and working with professionals who will prove their value and a hobbyist who lowballs their commission and do nothing to help your house present it best for buyers.

3.  Staging an Empty House

You might prefer to move to your new place and then list your property to avoid the hassle of open houses and many showings. If you would be selling a house without occupants, it is advisable you stage the house. This brings out the splendor of the house, especially if it is a high-value property.

Remember: style and furnish the house; but with the potential customer in mind. Hire a pro. Just as you would not expect someone who is not in your line of work to be able to successfully promote or sell whatever product or service you have, the same is true of Staging. There is more to it than putting a bunch of furniture or décor in a house Professional Stagers are educated, have credentials, and experience they use to ensure your house looks its best. You are not going to repair the electrical, plumbing or other things needed to get your house market ready, right? Staging is the same. Hire a pro. If you are downsizing from detached to an apartment you can keep some of your original furniture in your detached house with the advice of a professional stager. Sometimes, also to make the process easier you may consider renting your next apartment first, before buying one.   Remember – you are not buying your property back – and unknown buyer is and we have not met them. Take yourself out of the equation so a truly objective assessment and Staging can take place. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the sale, and trusting the professional Stager knows what to do to attract your target buyer.

4.  Invest in photography

No one would ever opt to visit- talk less buy- a house if they aren’t satisfied with pictures of the house. Most times, people get to decide about a home, by looking at a mere photograph online. For this reason , investing in quality photography is a small price to pay for fast home sales. Your REALTOR should provide professional photos and tours of your house for buyers online. If an agent you are interviewing does not provide that, move on and find one who does. That is part of their expertise and you should not have to pay to photograph your own property.

5.  Tempted to Over-Price? Don’t do it!

It’s perfectly fine to want to generate as much revenue from your home. Still, you should learn to put a right price. If in doubt of what your price range should be, your local REALTOR would guide you appropriately. Also there are online tools such as Zestimate by Zillow in the US and Wowa instant property valuation in Canada to help you to understand the approximate value of your property. Putting higher than market price for your home is considered one of the unforgivable sins of sellers.


Selling your property really fast requires you to be strategic. With the guidance of an excellent local REALTOR, professional STAGER, and Inspector, you can fix minor issues, carry out home staging properly, have great photos provided to capture your house’ best features and price your house appropriately. These tips will have you putting up the ‘Sold’ sign on your house in no time.