Follow Up to Yesterday’s Information about the’s Coupon Program

WOW! It didn’t take long after I posted information about the new and Lowe’s coupon program before I heard from many ASPs® and ASPMs® who immediately want to make it part of their marketing activities. Some shared great ideas and I shared a couple of them in yesterday’s blog post Two Creative Ideas on How to Make the Most of the and Lowe’s Coupon Savings Program. I was asked about the best way to distribute these coupons earlier today. Specifically, I was asked whether it would be a good idea to post the coupon at a website, blog or at Facebook and through Twitter. Consider this: The purpose of the program is to bring consumers and Realtors® to a local ASP®. In fact, the success with this program depends on how much we’re able to share coupons with consumers and Realtors®. Making the coupon available for download on any online platform will defeat the purpose of establishing a first contact between the consumer/Realtor® and the ASP®. So, for that purpose, please do not post the coupon online. Do, however, post information about it everywhere, and encourage the public to contact you in order to receive a coupon. It’s an ASP® marketing opportunity; not just a way to distribute coupons. It will bring consumers and Realtors to you and giving you a chance to establish a positive business relationship. A very important feature of this program is that each couple MUST have its individual bar code. In other words, coupons must not be copied and certainly not available online as a graphic to download. We are fortunate that Lowe’s made several coupons available for each ASP®. Coupons are ONLY available through the Staging University, and that is by design in order to make the offer exclusive to ASPs® and the consumers and Realtors® they work with. Once again, the purpose of the Lowe’s/ is to drive traffic to ASPs®. Once consumers and Realtors® see the notes about the coupon offer they will go to the ASP® Directory to find a local ASP®. It’s at that point you have a chance to provide them a coupon with a unique bar code. The program will effectively give consumers and Realtors® a reason to contact an ASP®. Happy ASP® Staging, Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® CEO® IAHSP® Founder and Chairwoman of The Board of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and Foundation
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