FREE Medical Insurance Service

Dear Accredited Staging Professionals,

FREE Medical Insurance Service is available!

This information comes to us and you from one of our great vendors, USI Affinity.  It is timely and important.  Please read!


Our customer service staff has reported that many people are asking about managing their health care spending. Many can’t spend the time with us during working hours so that we can guide them and answer their inquiries. We have found an alternative solution that is FREE!

It comes to us from Consumer Reports. It’s called SimpleeONE. It’s bad enough to get ill or injured and need expensive medical treatments, but the subsequent tsunami of paper statements, bills, and notices from multiple health care providers and insurance companies can be overwhelming. SimpleeONE turns awful into awesome by organizing all the information in one place.

It’s easy to set up an account at  or download the Simplee app from iTunes. SimpleeONE pulls in billing information from about 80% of insurance providers (more coming on every day) and clearly lays out how much your insurer will cover of each bill and what the member is expected to pay. It also tracks deductibles and gives a plain language description of the services they are paying for. It will also hunt down billing errors and offers saving tips. Cost: It’s FREE.

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