Get on the FAST Track to Success as a Home Stager! Join us for FAST – Focused Accelerated Stager Training Sessions

Fast Logo 4   FAST – Focused Accelerated Stager Training Sessions* are developed to help further explain various topics that are taught in your ASP Stager Business Course.

All session are taught at 6-7 PM MST**

Sessions will cycle every 6 weeks and new sessions are being added!

ONLY $39 per Session! or Buy the BUNDLE and Save $$

There is so much information covered during a course, it can be challenging to fully understand and master the topics.  Rather than figure it out on your own, sign up for these power-hour webinar sessions to learn more in-depth content to help YOU get off on the fast-track to success.  We want all graduates to succeed and figuring the business and marketing side of being a professional Home Stager is often where the division is between those that succeed and those that fail.  Get on the FAST Track!  Whether you are a new Home Stager or someone whose business has plateaued or stalled due to circumstances that took you off track, it is easy to get you up and running towards a profitable and productive business! Look for our Focused ADVANCED Stager Trainer Sessions coming soon!  These are for the more experienced Home Stager that wants to refine their business processes and take their business to the next level! Go to or call 800-392-7161 to register.  Only $39 per session or buy the Bundle for $390.00 for both Marketing & Business FAST Sessions!  (Marketing Sessions = $210 for the bundle and Business Sessions = $180 for the bundle). FAST MARKETING SESSIONS: Role Playing & Scripting – learning how to handle main types of clients – sellers and Realtors – overcoming any objections and being able to handle them in the moment.  Role Playing a valuable technique that will help give you confidence in knowing what to say to your potential clients. Logos & Branding – learn how to create an impactful logo and how to brand you business and develop key marketing materials.  Covers theory behind certain colors used for logos, design styles, shapes and other elements that impact how your logo brand is received by the viewer. Marketing to the Personalities – learn how to identify your client’s main temperament/personality and how to adapt your personal style to be best received by others.  Includes education on four basic temperaments and why people are the way they are – we cannot change others, we can only change how we share with them – our message, tone, body language. E-Newsletters – learn how to best utilize this form of marketing to delivery your message.  Includes review of subscription options, content, and how to add to your database of names.  This is one vital way to reach your target customers on a regular basis and create the need that leads to sales. Making Effective Presentations – learn how to put together and present memorable and effective presentations to individuals, small groups and even larger audiences. Mastering Social Media – learn what social media is and why it is so vital to our business success.  Understand the best platforms for social media, why it is important to have a presence, which segment of the population is on what platform, and how to maximize your time involvement for best exposure.  Lastly, learn what to post and when the best time of day is to maximize audience engagement. FAST BUSINESS SESSIONS: Overcoming Objections – In our business we are going to hear, “no.”  Learn how to get to the root of an objection or concern and how to overcome them effectively to move the potential client from a no to a yes. Vacant Staging Project Planner – Staging vacant houses may seem like a breeze but there are a lot of moving parts to coordinate and manage.  Learn the 16 Key Steps from preview to re-stocking of inventory and all the sub-parts involved in each step.  Includes spreadsheets for tracking projects and inventory pricing. Business Planning & Goal Setting (Double Session) – learn how to put together your Business Plan including developing a meaningful Mission & Vision Statement, setting goals for finances and project volume and how to break larger goals down into manageable steps. Getting Paid – Systems & Resources – Having a business means nothing if we have challenges getting paid or do not have systems in place to streamline this process.  Learn about tracking projects, resources for easy payment processing that puts you in the driver’s seat for your business income. *(formerly called Bootcamps and re-branded to better identify how the sessions can help you) ** Business Planning and Goal Setting is a double session – 6-8PM MST

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