GUEST BLOG: Home Staging – Do it on Your Own or Employ a Professional

When it comes to selling your house, there are various things you need to get done. You need a game plan in place to ensure you’re doing everything right. Whether it is pricing your property correctly, advertising it in the right places, or showing your house to potential buyers, you need to handle it all well. Before you do put your house up for sale, you have to make sure that your house appeals to as many of the people as possible who will come to have a look at it. In other words, you will have to Stage your house. Here is some information on Staging your house, why it’s important and whether the job is best left to professionals or not. What is Home Staging? Out of all the people that will come to take a look at your house, only around 10% will be able to visualize your home’s true potential. The remaining 90% will only see clutter, dirt, vacant spaces or places that need repair work. Also, a majority of buyers form a strong opinion about a home within the first few seconds of arriving. As such, your home must make a good first impression if it has to sell. Staging helps a house look visually appealing. Things are arranged in such a way so as to allow potential buyers mentally arrange their furniture in the house and imagine how living in the house will be like. This helps buyers make decisions quickly. Home staging is all about transforming your home into a product on the market that will appeal to everyone. Sure, your house may be well-furnished and beautiful but that is how you see it. A buyer may not be interested in the expensive china displayed on the mantle. You will need to put away the things that don’t add value to the property. Your favorite weathered armchair may have to be replaced as well. Doing it Yourself A lot many people take the home staging process into their own hands. This isn’t bad as with proper planning and effective thinking, one can transform a fairly good living space into a desirable property on the market. If you choose to Stage your home by yourself, you will save a lot of money. You will also be able to do the work as per your schedule. While some home stagers may suggest renting furniture and other items to stage your home, you can also use your existing furniture and props creatively. If you buy something new, you can take it with you to your new home when you shift. One needs to note that home staging is not just any DIY job. Staging doesn’t involve only having freshly painted walls or de-cluttered and organized rooms. Your house may need a lot of repairs. Getting these repairs done before you list your house for sale is important. Hiring Professional Help In case you don’t have sufficient know-how about making your home look good enough for a viewing, your property could end up being listed on the market for weeks without any buyers. After a few weeks, your Realtor may gradually begin reducing the price of your property. Over time this could cost you a lot of money. A professional home stager knows what buyers look for in a home. As such, he will be able to use his years of experience and knowledge for your benefit. A professional will also suggest landscaping or gardening to increase your property’s curb appeal. A home stager won’t suggest major renovations but smart ideas that will have your home looking bigger, brighter and better.


Home Staging plays an important part in selling your home. Selling a house always involves a significant amount of money. Statistics show that homes that are Staged sell faster and/or for more money than non-Staged homes. By not Staging your house you can lose out on potential buyers and you may have to settle for a lot less than you could have received from the sale. Whether you choose to hire a professional home stager or make noticeable changes to your house yourself, you will most certainly reap the benefits. Consider your requirements and act accordingly. If you cannot undertake most of the work, hire a professional. If you do plan on hiring a professional, don’t jump in the moment you hear the lowest offer. You might not get quality work at low prices. Always visit the home stager’s website and take a look at their previous work and testimonials. Author Bio: Rob Hardy is the Founder of Brite Glass – a full service glass company based out of Nevada, Reno. Rob and his company are providing expert windshield repair and replacement services in Reno since 1990.  

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