Have You Seen Our New Cover Photos? Go Ahead, Tag Yourself!

Have you visited Stagedhomes.com at Facebook in the last couple of days? Then you may have seen that we have added a wonderful collage as cover photo. I am proud to have our Facebook pages reflect our wonderful ASPs® and ASPMs®, and the opportunity to showcase you!  Are you in the picture? Tag yourself (learn how by reading further down)! Here is the collage we use at the Stagedhomes.com Facebook page, and here is the collage we use at the International Association of Home Staging Professionals Facebook page. Please tag yourself in both. We recently reached out to all ASPs® and ASPMs® asking for photos as we created our new cover photos for our Facebook pages. As you may know, Facebook changed to their new timeline format for pages by the end of last month. Even though we made every effort to add all those who had sent their photos in response to our request, many of the thousands of ASPs® and ASPMs® are not pictured in the collage. We will therefore frequently update our collage so that everyone who wants to have their photo included will have that opportunity. Please send an email with your picture and your ASP number to [email protected], and please do not hesitate to contact BJ if you have any questions before submitting your photo and number. For those of you who may not have known about Facebook’s new timeline feature and new page format, click here for information provided by Facebook. Always working for you, Barb Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® Founder/CEO Stagedhomes.com® Founder/Chairwoman of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® How to tag yourself: Go to the collage by clicking here, hover over the photo until you see a menu with the word Tag Photo which you click on. Then click on your photo, and add your name. The collage will now show up on your profile page, and those who see the collage will see the link to your profile.

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