Please review the information found on this page to help you navigate through most of the Frequently Asked Questions our graduates present.  You will find answers to the most common concerns or issues our graduates have when working with the Staging University.

ASP EDIT PAGE: The ASP Edit Page link is the portal to all the personal and customized information you can add to our site.  This portal includes:

  1. Your short bio - 600 character description of you and your services
  2. Your photo upload
  3. Your Staged properties upload area
  4. Your Feature Page (for ASP Stagers and any ASP RE Agent that has paid for it)
  5. Your personal contact info
  6. Your cities & zip codes upload
  7. Your email log in and password information
  8. Your renewal access

When you click on the ASP EDIT PAGE - this is what opens up.  Your name, ASP# and renewal date will be listed on the left in the box.  We will have started to populate your profile with information you provided to us when you registered for your class.  You need to click on the "MODIFY" button under the ASP LOGO to upload your headshot.  Make sure format the picture in the right dimensions - low resolution and a VERTICAL photo.  If you are not able to resize your photo, consider downloading a free app such as PixResizer that will allow you to shrink the dimension and size of a large photo.

Input your data in the boxes on the right including your email address you want to use for the public to contact you.  We do not ever give out your email address, home address or phone number.  That information in this area if just for internal use.


Once you have added your photo and added your personal info (address, phone number, etc.) scroll down and see your LOG IN and PASSWORD info.  Here you should see your email address you used when you registered for the class, and the password assigned to you. You can change this at any time.  Make sure to keep a record of your password.  Below PASSWORD is the ASP Search Page Description also known as your SHORT BIO.  This is where you will paste in your 600 character description of you and your services you would like the PUBLIC to see.

On the LEFT you will see the access links for adding STAGED PROPERTIES to your profile - just click on the PURPLE button.  You start off with 25 and once you max those out, let us know and we will give you more!  For Stagers - the RED BOX shows where you can build your FEATURE page by clicking on the Feature Page link.  There is a separate tutorial for that process.

As you build your profile, you will need to add in all your CITIES and ZIP CODES one by one - inputting them into the grid shown above.  You can enter them in any order, they do not have to be alphabetical or in geographical order.  Put ONE item per line such as just the city name or just the zip code.  You can add as many as you like to your profile.  Pay attention to the content in red that tells you that you can also add in other geographical terms for your region.

As you add in your cities and zip codes, MAKE SURE TO HIT THE UPDATE BUTTON found BELOW the grid.  This will SAVE all of your info that you have put into your profile.  We recommend you do this periodically as you build your information.


Once you have completed all the steps above, your short bio will show up in PUBLIC SEARCHES from our site.  NOTE:  If you fail to put in a head shot or description of you and your services, you will NOT show up in the top search results.  Search results are random and the public typically looks at 2 or 3 screens of results (10-15 people) before they take action.  Help yourself show up in the results by taking the time to complete your profile.