Your Feature Page is like a website for you.  In this portal you can have as much as 65,000 characters of text and you can format the content using HTML coding.  You can embed slide shows, videos and link to other places on the internet.  The goal of this page is to create a visually appealing representation of you and your work.

You access your FEATURE PAGE through the ASP EDIT PAGE link.  When you are in your EDIT PAGE - look on the left side of the page for the green menu on the left side.   Click on the EDIT YOUR FEATURE PAGE.

HEADER ADDED TO ASP NAME:  Here you can put in your TAG LINE.

ABOUT PAGE PHOTO #1 through 4:

You will have 4 photos with descriptions you get to add. You will add in the short description of the photo such as, "This house was very crowded and needed to be decluttered and furniture placement adjusted in order to appeal to buyers online and in person."  "Here is the AFTER photo of the same room - look how much more open and inviting this room looks with Staging!"


ABOUT PAGE TOPIC HEADER:  Think about what you would like the PUBLIC to know about you, your company, etc. and use that information to post in your content areas.  The topic header is where you would put in some of the ideas in bold below.  The About Page Body Text is the content you want to put under that topic.

Here are some ideas:

My background - put in your personal background.  Share things like why you got into Staging or what you love about the industry.  Think about what sets you apart from others.  Toot your horn!  Make sure to talk about your designation/Accreditation as an ASP Home Stager.  Make sure the reader knows you are a member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).

My services - Talk about the services you offer.  You can create a bulleted list of your services or describe what your services are.  Describe the process without getting too detailed.  NOTE:  Do not put pricing information such as hourly rates or pricing for specific services.  Instead, put in something such as "for pricing information, please contact me."

Why Staging works - Give the reader some information on why Staging works.  You can include statistics or information found in articles. Think about the reader and WHY they would want to Stage their property or listing.

What is Home Staging? - You can talk about what Home Staging is and how it helps houses sell.  Talk about how Staging is not decorating and is being done for the target BUYER.

Testimonials - Get some client testimonials or character references from family and friends, and put them in this section.

For more ideas you can look at other Feature Pages on the site and see what colleagues have posted. Make sure not to copy word for word or plagiarize, as you want to be original in what you share.

In your Feature Page - you can format with HTML coding that will allow you to bold, italicize, create bulleted lists, and add links to other items.  You can add in slide shows or videos (get embedding codes and paste them in to your Feature Page).  Information on how to do this is found in your ASP Stager Business Manual.

Uploading Pictures: You can do 4 photos or 2 sets of before-after photos.  NOTE:  Your photos must be LOW RESOLUTION photos in order to upload to our site.  Use a picture resizer app in order to properly format your photos to upload easily into your Feature PageMake sure to click on the big UPDATE button to save your work so far.  Then you will be able to upload your photos.  Click on NEW and locate the photo on your computer.  The photo will auto populate on your page unless the size is too large.  If the photo is too large the box will turn black or just not load.

Once your Feature Page is done - make sure to EMAIL  [email protected] and let her know.  She will make sure you have your 4 photos loaded but does not check for typos or grammar.  She will then "turn on" your Feature Page so you can be seen by the public.


You can point your Domain to your Feature Page as it is unique to you.  Follow the instructions found in your Stager Business Manual.