Home Staging Trends to Look Out for in 2021

The real estate market remains hot despite tough economic times. How can you design your home in a way that makes it sell? Here are eight of the hottest home staging trends to look out for in 2021.

1. Repairing and Cleaning Items

Increased interest in environmental sustainability measures has influenced home fashion. Repairing and cleaning up present items offers considerable perks — including saving cash in many cases.

A damp cloth and a mild soap like Castile let you rub away ground-in dirt from tables and chairs. Spot-test an inconspicuous area to ensure your cleanser won’t do more harm than good — maybe while you tighten the legs on that television stand.

2. Include a Home Office in the Decor

Given the pandemic, 33% of American workers now do so from home, and another 25% do so part-time. Don’t make the mistake of omitting this detail.

Touches like small desks in children’s bedrooms also help. Many parents now choose to homeschool their little ones.

3. Modifying the Neutral Palette

It’s still wise to opt for a neutral palette, but all-over eggshell is boring. Consider painting a stunning accent wall to serve as a focal point in living areas. It lets you display your family portraits while creating a polished-looking finish.

4. Cutting the Clutter

It should go without saying that guests touring your home won’t appreciate stepping on Legos. Hanging baskets and bins and drawer organizers help you create a place for everything — and neatly stash it where it belongs.

5. Highlighting Outdoor Living

Many people have pandemic fatigue from not seeing their families, and since most experts consider outside activities safer, outdoor living space is more of a draw than ever. If you only have the cash for one upgrade outside of painting, make enhancing your deck or patio a priority.

6. Brightening Kitchen Cabinetry

If your kitchen cabinets are dark, it can make the space look melancholy. Since this room is the heart of many homes, brighten it up by staining or painting your cabinets a lighter shade. Think cheerful hues, such as yellow for the walls.

7. Showcasing Homes Online

Selling your home during a pandemic might make your work easier. After all, if prospective buyers prefer a virtual tour to the real deal for safety reasons, you only have to stage once instead of getting out the vacuum every time.

When selecting a real estate agent, look for one who has an online presence. Investigate their other listings — which ones offer virtual tours that grab your interest?

8. Adding Houseplants

While a philodendron won’t keep you from catching COVID-19, NASA did a study way back in the 1980s that indicated houseplants could remove various toxins from indoor air. Anything that taxes your immune system lowers your body’s natural defenses.

Plus, houseplants add a cozy, lived-in look that also marries indoor and outdoor living. Pack up all those books cluttering every surface and replace them with one or two display tomes and aloe or spider plants for a classy home staging trend.

Look Out for These Home Staging Trends in 2021

If you want to sell your home, you need to present it like a pro. Watch for these home-staging trends in 2021 to get the best offer for your property as quickly as possible.

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