HomeGain release 2009 updated study on highest ROSI for Sellers – Staging is now #2!

HomeGain updated study – first done in 2003, then updated in 2007, and now new stats for 2009 – show that Staging has steadily climbed as a necessary improvement that yields a high rate of return. Out of 12 activities on the list, Staging ranks now as #2 – jumping from #3 just 2 years ago.
HomeGain 2009 Stats
HomeGain 2009 Stats
Use these statistics with your clients to support the measurable rate of return for ASP Home Staging! ROSI – Return on Staging Investment – is supported by our own statistics that are tracked at Stagedhomes.com and also through independent studies from entities such as HomeGain. Enjoy! Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP President Owner, Sensational Staged Home
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2 thoughts on “HomeGain release 2009 updated study on highest ROSI for Sellers – Staging is now #2!

  1. Hi Jennie!

    This is great! Ohio is traditionally slow to adopt new concepts so it’s important that we have concrete information like this. It helps give legitimacy to the business and helps get buy-in of potential clients. I’ll definitely add this to my career book.

    Thank you
    Felicia Frazier, ASP, IAHSP
    Staging by DWELL

  2. This is only useful to show clients when referring to the percentage of ROI. Looking at this chart, realtors and sellers are going to naturally assume that the cost for staging a home should average $300-$400. My ‘average’ staging bill runs $2,500 to $3,500. I realize that in our market that should translate into a $12,500 to $17,500 home price increase with staging.

    Is this $300 to $400 price reflecting just a staging consultation? Very misleading.

    I’m glad staging is #2 on the list, though. Since cleaning and decluttering are actually part of a staging program, isn’t it REALLY #1 ??? Yeah!!!
    Cindy in San Jose, CA

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