How a Backyard Playset Can Improve the Value of Your Property

How a Backyard Playset Can Improve the Value of Your Property

  Selling your home can be one of the toughest decisions you may need to make at some point in your life, especially if it involves the first property you have ever owned.   It can be difficult to let go of a house you worked hard and saved for and lived in for years. There is also nothing easy about a leaving a home full of memories.   But if you really have no choice except to leave your home because you are moving to a far-off city or different country for better opportunities, the best thing you can do to take the sting out of selling your home is to ensure you get the right price for it.  

Boosting Your Home Value

Staging your home is an effective strategy to increase the resale value of your property. By renting some new furniture, changing the window treatments, carpets, and rugs, organizing and cleaning your house, you can get better offers.   You also need to improve your curb appeal as well. These include tidying up your lawn, replacing your old mailbox , adding more plants and blooms, and enhancing the landscape.   You can also get more potential buyers, specifically those with kids, interested in your property by investing in or not removing your current children’s play set. This is because the best backyard play sets can help increase your property’s resale value in the following ways:   1.     It adds appeal to the backyard   A play set is a great outdoor feature that will enhance the appearance of your yard. It can add color to your outdoor space and enhance the design.   Moreover, the landscaping around the play equipment will make the backyard appealing to the eye and more welcoming, especially to kids.   If you want to invest in additional landscaping, consider surrounding the play area with landscape timber to give your backyard a nicer, more polished look.   In case there are trees near the play area, potential buyers can enjoy the additional benefit of having a naturally shaded place where they can rest as they watch their kids play. Children can get some much-needed rest under the tree shade as well, or play traditional games like hide-and-go-seek.   2.                 It serves as an outdoor entertainment and fitness center for children   Most parents today are worried that their children are not getting enough exercise. After all, many kids today prefer to play computer games or stay glued to their devices rather than go outside to run around or engage in a physical game or sport.   A play set will earn you some extra points from parents with kids since you are enabling these potential buyers to easily encourage their little ones to go outside and play. Children will have a hard time saying no to gliding down the slide, taking a turn at the monkey bars, and having a go at the swing.   Many interested buyers will also see the assembled play set as a big plus since they won’t have to spend hours reading the instruction manuals and setting up the equipment themselves.   3.                 It is an affordable, low-maintenance backyard focal point   Children’s play equipment is not as expensive to buy or build, especially when compared to a swimming pool, fountain, or pond – the usual choices for a lawn focal point. Play sets are not as costly and time-consuming to maintain and clean as well.   Because of these factors, play sets are among the best outdoor features people can invest in. They are functional since they can provide hours of entertainment for kids.   Home buyers will also immediately note this and appreciate the benefits a children’s play set can offer. Buyers who have children or even grandchildren will certainly see this feature as a wonderful treat for their little ones.   Keep in mind that most home buyers have ties to young children and because of this, a backyard play set, whether your current one or a new one, will be an amazing feature that can effectively boost the resale value of your home.   AUTHOR BIO Michael Davies is the Senior Account Manager at Sandleford, a trusted supplier of letterboxes and home security products and solutions in Australia. The company’s Swing Slide Climb range has grown and grown over the past 4 years, and together with Bunnings Australia, it has become one of the most exciting and innovative suppliers and developers of children’s play equipment in the Australian market.

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