How to Apply the Principles of Mindfulness in Your Interior Design

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Sometimes, all you need is to take a deep breath and release all that built-up tension you’ve been carrying around. You get home after a long day, close your eyes, and breathe in. But, as you are about the exhale, you notice the absolute mess your home is – the clutter, the random design mishmash, and the like. And that relaxing breath catches in your throat.

To breathe more easily and truly create an oasis of peace and relaxation, take a look at our advice on how to apply mindfulness principles in your interior design. They may do wonders for your mind.

Ensure There Is Purpose

First, you need to make sure every piece you own, whether it is furniture or a decorative item, serves a clear purpose. Whether it’s an item that protects your feet from the cold, holds your keys, or hangs up your trousers, it needs to fulfill a specific role.

You might find a whole lot of items that serve no purpose and that you don’t love, like, or use. Declutter them and rehome them. This will minimise the stress you feel in your space and make cleaning easier as well.

Choose Matching Colors

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A natural colour scheme accented by pops of vibrancy is the most soothing decorating option you can choose. Too minimalist of a design might make you feel isolated, so you’ll want to add those colourful pieces that lift the mood.

Warm tones are usually more soothing, but if you prefer cool tones, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them. Make sure you consider your space as a whole and create some continuity as you walk from room to room.

Have a Relaxation Nook

Your home should have a designated area where you feel your most relaxed and most yourself. This can be a meditation corner; it can be a space where you practise yoga, a reading nook, or simply a chair and table where you cosy up in the evenings with a mug of tea.

When you snuggle down in this space, take some time to do breathing exercises. They will additionally relax you and deepen that connection between the space and your mind. Retreat here when you need to pause the world and spend some time with your thoughts. Make sure never to work here, take phone calls from here, or scroll through your phone. This should be a tech-free zone.

Choose a Signature Scent and Sound

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Scents and sounds are an incredible way to promote mindfulness in a room. Plus, you can quickly learn to associate a certain scent with a certain emotion. To make your home more peaceful, select a couple of candles, room fragrances, or incense sticks that you will use to promote peace of mind.

The music you play also has an unprecedented impact on your mood. Something soothing, instrumental, and low-key can serve as your everyday background. Spotify is full of playlists you can check out, or you can make your own.

Ensure That Touch of Nature

Also make sure there is plenty of greenery in the space. Ideally, you want real plants and flowers in every room. You might be tempted to use faux ones if there isn’t enough natural light or if you feel you can’t keep a plant alive. But, remember that there are plenty of low-maintenance species that won’t require too much attention.

You also need light and air in every room. So, ensure your curtains are sheer enough to let the light in, and try to move through the home as the light does. Throw your windows open as frequently as possible to let the fresh air in.

Reduce Visual Clutter

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The more items your eye can dwell on, the less mindful a room will be. You don’t have to live a minimalist lifestyle, though. All you need is some closed storage, and you will easily store all of your belongings out of sight.

Naturally, some decor is warranted, so choose pieces that both go well together and that you are happy to see. These can be memorabilia from your travels or from special events in your life. They might also be art pieces and prints that evoke specific memories or that you simply like looking at.

Switch your decor around with the seasons. That way, you’ll be able to keep your home feeling fresh and new without having to redecorate too often.

Final Thoughts

Mindfulness in the home is incredibly important. After all, you want this space to be that one place in the world where you can truly be yourself. It’s the place where you can relax and unwind from the stresses of modern life. With the help of our tips, you will be able to design a restful space for yourself in no time.