How to Create a Low Maintenance Bathroom

How to Create a Low Maintenance Bathroom
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Creating a chic bathroom might seem like an easy job. What really matters is what comes after. A low maintenance bathroom is the perfect long term solution. Designing a bathroom that is easy to maintain without compromising on the looks is possible. There are a few easy design tips and tricks you can follow to keep your bathroom looking spotless at all times. Why Should You Stress over Creating a Low Maintenance Layout? Not everyone finds the time to clean the bathroom every day. Irrespective of how frequently you clean your bathroom, if it features a low maintenance design then you would be spending less time cleaning it. This also helps you maintain a hygienic ambiance for the whole family. A clean bathroom would be one that looks and smells fresh. Therefore you would have a pleasant little room to step into first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed. Here are some ways to simplify the ability to keep your bathroom always clean. A Sensible Bathroom Layout If you are at the stage where you are building a new bathroom then you have the absolute freedom to choose the layout. Do not blindly go by the layout that your builder suggests or something that you find in the plan ideas. Customize your layout based on your lifestyle. The layout should be planned such that there is easy access to the various elements in the bathroom like the toilet and the shower. You should also plan the storage space and the storage arrangements well in advance. Sectioning the bathroom and creating wet and dry zones is one of the most practical strategies. Good bath mats placed in the wet spots absorb water and also gives that warm cozy feel. Start with the Colors The color you choose for your bathroom plays a vital role in setting the mood. All white bathrooms definitely look good in the pictures. But they are not very practical for daily use. No matter how dedicated you are to your cleaning routines, white tiles eventually get discolored. Yellowing of the tiles is prone to occur. When this happens, even a clean bathroom would not be a pleasant sight. Avoid whites if possible, for the tiles and the sanitary fittings as well. Do not hesitate to experiment with colors. You can create interesting accents by choosing bold and beautiful colors for the walls and wall tiles.   Start with the Right Wall Tiles or Do You Need Them Really?
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Choosing tiny tiles allows you to create interesting patterns. There are even fancy Moroccan tiles that can make your bathroom look stunning. But there is one major drawback to choosing small tiles – the increase in the grouts. More the grout, tougher the cleaning job. Choose large tiles for the walls to reduce the crevices and the grouts. This makes cleaning easy. The height of the dadoing is another aspect to concentrate on. A porous concrete wall is more difficult to clean and can retain mildew stains. Therefore, if you have the option then extend the height of the wall tile dadoing (the lower part of an interior wall that is decorated differently from the upper part). Choose tiles with flat edges rather than the conventional curved ones. Flat edges offer a gap-free modular fit which reduces the grout. The ‘no grout’ trend is on. You can adapt to this trend by ignoring tiles and choosing vinyl wall coverings. The rendered concrete wall is also an excellent alternative. Similar factors are also applicable when you choose floor tiles.   Toilet Details The type of toilet you choose and its mounting style can influence a major chunk of your cleaning routine. There are auto-clean toilets with efficient flush mechanisms. Wall mounted toilets and those that come with a flat back that rest on the wall are practical designs. One of the simplest choices would be to go for a seamless toilet seat with an in-wall cistern.   Do You Need a Shower Cubicle or Bathtub or Shower Curtain? This is one of the most important decisions to make when you finalize the layout. Each has its pros and cons. Shower cubicle with framed glass structure can be difficult to clean. The chrome finish frames catch water stains. For picking bathtubs, freestanding models avoid the presence of crevices and grout that can turn dirty. If you choose to hang a shower curtain for partition then you should wash them frequently.   Vanity Design That Is Practical and Trendy Floor standing vanity might be the most common design. But this has a very short life as the constant contact with water can damage the doors of the vanity. A floating vanity makes it easy to mop the bathroom floor and also makes the bathroom look more spacious.   Let in Some Fresh Air Installing the proper ventilation system takes care of the sanitation needs of the bathroom. If you cannot have large open windows to let some air then you should invest in a powerful exhaust fan. This aerates the bathroom and helps it stay dry. This is a crucial step to keep the bathroom free from musty odors caused by mold and mildew growth.   Pick Some Greenery Adding plants to the bathroom is beneficial in so many ways. It can add an aesthetic appeal to the bathroom while also purifying the air. There are plenty of indoor plants that are recommended for the bathrooms. These can regulate the moisture levels and keep the air inside the bathroom feeling fresh. Peace lily, aloe vera, lucky bamboo, ferns, bromeliads, English Ivy, and orchids are some of the most popular bathroom plants.   Cut the Clutter Do not add any more storage space than you actually need. You might think that adding more number of shelves can reduce the clutter in the bathroom. The reality is that to make the bathroom look roomy and more open you should reduce the number of shelves and storage options in the bathroom. The right sized vanity, a corner shelf for easily grabbing the toiletries in the shower, and a mirror cabinet for quick grab essentials can be sufficient in most cases. Avoid storing anything on the countertop. Place a small potted plant instead to beautify the space. Cleaning the countertop becomes difficult if there are too many items placed on it. It can also lead to water stains.

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