How to create a luxury bathroom in your home

A luxury bathroom is a dream for many people. Its a great addition to any home. If you don’t have a luxurious bath area, you can also make one. You only need to make a few changes to a regular bathroom to switch it from drab to glam. However, the question is, why should you? Why you need a luxury bathroom in your home? There are a few benefits you get from having a luxurious bathroom in your home: 1. It increases the value of your home One of the great things you can do as a homeowner is to increase the value of your house. One day you may need to sell, lease or rent it out. If such a thing happens, an upgrade home will bring you more money than one that is old and dated. Upgrading your drab bathroom into a luxurious one is a great way to increase the value of your home. 2. The wow factor! It’s essential that we take pride in our homes. Your house is your sanctuary. It’s also the place in which you invite visitors and friends. It’s good to have a great home you can show off to people that you value in your life when they visit. You also want anyone staying in your home to have the best experience. Having a luxury bathroom will help you not only impress guests and friends, but also ensure that when they stay over, they have a great experience. 3. The spa feel Spending time at the spa is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. You can create a spa in your home and cut down on spa expenses by creating a luxury bathroom. Just make your bathroom comfortable and inviting, add some pampering bathroom solutions such as a steam bath, and you are ready to go. You will have a great place to relax and unwind right in the comfort of your home and who doesn’t want that? Things you need in a luxury bathroom It’s quite simple to create a luxurious bathroom in your home. You only need money, time and some imagination. Here are a few suggestions for your luxury bathroom project. – Luxury spa bath There are some items you can install in your bathroom to make it luxurious. Start by putting in a shower panel in your shower stall with water and steam jets of your choice. The water jets can massage any aches away during a shower, and the steam jets will allow you to have a steam shower in the comfort of your own home. Also, install a rain shower that will give you the best shower experience as opposed to using a shower head with limited water pressure. – A free-standing bathtub Ditch your regular tub and get a freestanding bathtub. It looks chic and is practical as it gives you space in the bathroom. You don’t have to sacrifice a lot of wall space for a stand-alone tub. You can use the area around it to store items. For example, have a stand where you can place some candles, a glass of wine or your favorite book during a bath. Stand-alone tubs also look elegant especially if you invest in a claw foot stand alone tub. You can also go a step further by installing a freestanding jacuzzi tub with relaxing water jets for a relaxing bath experience. – Hi-tech toilet Nothing says luxury in the bathroom like a toilet that allows you to do your business without touching it. You can get this by installing a hi-tech toilet that opens, closes and flushes automatically.  Some of these toilets warm up the seat for you and even have bidet switches. It means they have a switch you press to release warm water for you to clean up after toilet use. Many of these automatic toilets also self- clean so that you don’t have to wash the toilet. – Mood lighting A great way to make the bathroom feel luxurious is to install mood lighting. Scientists say that colors affect our disposition and moods in different ways. You can use LED colored light in your luxury bathroom to elicit different moods. It can turn the place from a romantic space to an upbeat one with one switch. You can also use dimmer lights to create a relaxing atmosphere as well. Also, extend the use of mood lighting to your tub by installing chromotherapy LED lights. They change your bathtub into any color you desire. Combine good lighting with great music and some scented candles, and you have a great ambiance. Just what you need in your bathroom after a hard day at work. – Music and entertainment A great way to relax is listening to good music or watching a favorite show on TV. Well, in a luxury bathroom you can do this as you bathe if you install a TV. You can also connect a blue tooth speaker in your bathroom so that you can listen to your favorite music.  It will enhance your time in the bath or shower to have some entertainment of your choice. It’s a great way to relax your mind after a stressful day especially before you go to bed. It’s also a great way to start the day when you can listen to your favorite radio station as you prepare for the day ahead. – Lighting and wall color Using lighting and the right wall color, you can turn your bathroom into a luxury bathroom. Start by letting more light into the room by installing a large window. If you hang a large mirror opposite the large window or any other source of light, it will also create a feeling of more space.  You can also create an illusion of space by painting light colors on the wall. You can have white or pastel colors that complement other accessories in the room. Consider layering the lighting as well. Start with a central light piece such as a big chandelier. Then have some over the vanity area, and scatter more in individual spaces such as using recessed lighting in the shower stall. – Nature in, nature out A great way to make a bathroom luxurious is to bring in nature. You can have some strategically placed plants in the bathroom. Place some ferns in the shower stall or have some pretty flowers in a vase on the vanity. You can also take advantage of any greenery outside to enhance your bathroom space. Do this by installing a glass partition that allows you to look out into nature while keeping the bathroom enclosed. It works well for baths that face a garden or have a fantastic view such as the beach. – Bathroom Heating A warm bathroom feels cozy and comfortable. A luxury bathroom needs a variety of warm elements to make it feel cozy. You can do this in your bathroom by installing a variety of heating devices. Consider using heated cabinets and towel rods or racks for your towels. Also, have radiant heating underfoot to keep the floors warm no matter the weather. Heated bathroom facilities come in handy during the cold weather when you cannot stand cold towels or freezing floors. If you don’t have radiant heating, you can also install an electric fireplace in your bathroom to make it warm and cozy. – More than a bathroom A luxury bathroom should be more than a place you go to bath or shower. It should be a place you can relax. You can turn your bathroom into such a space by installing a lounging area, refreshment corner, and a walk-in closet.  Your bathroom refreshment corner will consist of a mini fridge or coffee maker. In there you can sit and read a book, drink some coffee, or take a glass of wine if you like. If you have an entertainment hub, you can even watch your favorite movie. All this before you dress up in your walk-in closet. A perfect way to start or end the day without having to move from your bathroom. These are a few reasons to create a luxury bathroom and some suggestions on what to include in it. A luxurious bathroom is an excellent addition to any home. It provides you with a relaxing sanctuary to enjoy your bath or shower as you unwind from a tough day. So why don’t you install one in your home today! Post submitted by Guest Blogger:  Lori Longoria

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