How to Maintain Your Furnace During the Summer Months

Warmer weather is here, and many people will be switching off their heat in the coming weeks. With summer on the horizon, furnace maintenance is probably the last thing on your mind right now. However, keeping up with heating system inspections, repairs, and cleaning will save you from headaches when winter arrives. Below, we’ll discuss several tips for keeping your furnace in peak condition throughout the summer months. Let’s take a look!

Summer Maintenance Tips for Furnaces

While it’s best to schedule regular maintenance and inspections from a CT home heating company, there are several things you can do on your own to maintain your furnace. These include:

1.       Turn Off the Pilot Light

If you have an older furnace, it likely has a pilot light that burns at all times. Although this light doesn’t use a lot of fuel, it’s wise to shut it off during the months you won’t be heating your home. Even this small change can help lower your utility costs.

2.      Complete a Visual Inspection

Every so often, you should visually inspect your furnace to ensure everything looks normal. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, such as loose wires, schedule service from a professional immediately. Technicians from home heating oil companies in CT can diagnose and repair minor furnace problems before they turn into potentially dangerous issues.

3.      Clean the Furnace and Change Its Filters

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your furnace and keep it running efficiently is to clean it regularly. This includes changing the filters and removing dust and debris from the outside of the machine. While both tasks can be done on your own, a trained technician can give your furnace a thorough, proper cleaning to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

Filters prevent dirt and debris from getting into the inner workings of your unit and keep dust and allergens from circulating throughout your home when your heat is on. Therefore, they need to be changed every few months, or any time you notice that they are visibly dirty. This is an easy yet vital maintenance chore that shouldn’t be neglected.

The Importance of Scheduling Regular Maintenance

When you schedule regular furnace maintenance, you’re investing in your family’s safety and comfort during the cold winter months. There is nothing worse than having your unit break down on a snowy winter night. To prevent major problems like this, it’s important to keep your furnace well-maintained all year long.

Scheduling home heating services in CT can also help you save money by reducing the risk of costly problems and ensuring your furnace is efficient, which can lower your utility costs. A full-service home heating oil company can clean and inspect your unit, focusing on components that see the most wear, such as the heat exchanger, pilot light, and fan. Then, they can diagnose and fix any potential problems before winter arrives. That way, you’ll be well-prepared for another season of cold weather.

As you spring clean your home and prepare it for summer, don’t forget to add furnace maintenance to your checklist! This is the best time to call in a professional team to inspect and tune up your equipment, so you have less to worry about when winter returns.

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