How to Make Your Garage Door Open Quietly

Having a loud garage door can be a frustrating problem that annoys your family as well as all of your neighbors. Luckily, that excess noise can often be reduced or eradicated entirely with a few simple maintenance tasks that require nothing more than some inexpensive tools and products.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Applying a high-quality lubricant to all of the moving parts is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your garage door quieter. Garage door gears and tracks must withstand quite a bit of wear and tear, and the ongoing friction could result in rattling, screeching, and other unwanted sounds. WD-40 will work if you have no other lubricants, but you typically want a lighter lubricant that won’t gum up.

Balance the Door

Another maintenance tip that could drastically reduce the noise that your garage door makes is balancing the door itself. Over time, many garage doors will begin to slump to one side, and that is going to put quite a bit of stress on the motor as well as the track. In most cases, homeowners will need to contact a professional to have their torsion springs adjusted so that the door is well-balanced and moving smoothly on its tracks.

Have the System Serviced

Even though you should be able to lube all of the moving parts and tighten the bolts on your own, a contractor must still professionally service the entire system at least once every year or two. During those appointments, your contractor can carry out vital tasks such as adjusting the torsion springs, lubing parts that you might have missed, and replaced the weather seal. They can also apply grease to the rails and gears so that they don’t prematurely break down when the weather changes.

Replace Older Parts

No matter what steps you take to protect and maintain your garage door, certain parts will break at some point. That is when you will need to contact a company like Raynor Door Company and order high-quality replacement parts. A reputable garage door company can also help you replace those parts and inspect the entire system for additional signs of damage.

While you should be able to carry out some minor garage door maintenance on your own, you must never attempt to repair or replace the spring without professional help. Garage door springs are incredibly dangerous, and a single mistake could result in severe injuries or expensive damage to your home.

Article submitted by Ani O. – Freelance writer and web enthusiast