How to Safeguard Your House from Burglars

The protection of your valuable assets starts with you. Prevention is always better than cure, and the first step of home crime prevention begins with eliminating the opportunity for any crime. To prevent or reduce the possibility of burglaries, there are several things that you should keep an eye on. For example, you should always check, update and upgrade your Alarm Systems. Use top quality materials for doors and locks, sliding glass and windows – and check them regularly. Furthermore, you should always keep an eye on the surroundings of your home and never share your trip schedules online if you are going to stay away for long.   In this post, we’ll focus on various tips to safeguard your home from burglary.     Better Alarm Systems: A home without an alarm system is far more vulnerable compared to the one that has one. So, it will be wise to invest in an alarm system.
  • Consider installing an alarm system which will actually signal the exact spot of the break-in (i.e. INTRUSION DETECTED, REAR WINDOW!). That way not only will you and the neighbors know the exact spot, but the thief will also know his location has been compromised and leave.
  • Remember to activate the “night mode” before going to bed.
  • Consider a security system equipped with motion sensors.
  • You may want to install CCTV surveillance cameras. Today, you can rent them as well. With an internet connection linked to the cameras, you can monitor your home from anywhere.
  • Install reflective numbers and signs in front of your home. This makes it easy for the law enforcers to identify your home in the event of an emergency.
  • Be discreet while sharing your alarm code and keys.
    Securing Your Doors, Locks & Windows: Doors and windows are the most common ways for a thief to enter. It’s no surprise that they deserve your most attention. To prevent a possible burglary, have a look at the following tips.
  • Use solid, metal coated doors instead of the regular ones.
  • Use heavy-duty locks for reinforcing the door.
  • Install wide-angle door viewers to get the maximum viewing angle.
  • For large glass, entries add privacy films to distort the view from outside.
  • Reinforce windows with safety glass and metal bars.
  • Make a habit of locking your doors and windows when you’re away, even if you’re only out for a moment.
  • Change your lock code on a regular basis.
  • Place signs and decals outside the doors and glasses showing you have an alarm system built in. (Do not hesitate to put the sticker on, even if you don’t own an alarm).
  • Secure all accessible windows with secondary locks.
  • Consider installing motion sensors and anti-theft devices for windows as well.
  Security Around Your Residence: To deter a possible burglar, you should take care of your home’s surroundings.
  • If possible, start a neighborhood watch system. A system like that will help to reduce crime in your area.
  • Build a fence if you don’t have one already.
  • Keep your lawn always clean and trimmed. An overgrown lawn is a sign no one is at home.
  • Keep garbage cans, building supplies and especially ladders out of view.
  • Don’t hide a spare key near the front door, an intruder will typically go for that spot first.
  • Get to know your neighbors. They are the quickest ones responding to your urgency
  • Secure your car. Don’t forget to lock its door even if it’s inside the garage.
  • If there is a large tree beside a two-story home, consider pruning it.
  • Consider keeping a dog as a pet. Any burglar will think twice before messing with a dog.
  Along with your permanent residence, your holiday homes also a precious asset. So, to protect your home against any unexpected events, you should have proper residential property insurance for landlords so that you can have peace of mind if something theft by any third parties.   Author Bio: Emma Sneddon, a freelance writer, and an independent blogger. I’m a polymath who is enthusiastic about anything related to tech, trend, travel, and minimalistic lifestyle. I like to write in the most effective ways to drive new sales and revenue for local business. You can follow me @EmmaSneddon90

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