How To Sell Properties The Fast and Easy Way!

Selling properties quickly is important for every realtor. However, a successful listing that sells fast is rare. As a real estate agent, the challenge is to sell the property as quickly as possible and at a great price. Here’s everything you need to know to sell properties in a fast and easy way. Just keep the following points in mind – 

  1. Find Buyers Online

The internet is teeming with free tools that you can use to reach out to hundreds of buyers at once. To find buyers online, get your listing up on prime real estate listing websites and social media platforms. You can also use online classifieds such as Craigslist to reach a large audience.

  1. Choose The Right Listing Price

The right listing price is crucial to selling a property fast. Too high a price may discourage buyers. The best idea is to list the property close to the market value. That way more buyers get interested and you can get the best deal for the house.

  1. Give a Detailed Listing

When a buyer clicks on your listing they should instantly see good information about the property. Key details such as location, carpet area, and price should be instantly and easily visible to the buyer. A well-written and detailed listing prompts buyers into action and helps you sell the property faster.

  1. De-personalize 

Personal items such as family pictures can lend the owner’s personality to the house. De-personalizing the house helps the buyers visualize the house as their own and connect with it. You can also get to know the buyer before hand and add a few décor items that match their taste, to the house. 

  1. Make Small Upgrades 

Before you list the property for sale, think about small repairs and upgrades that can impress potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint, fixing a leak in the bathroom, or a new cabinet in the kitchen can spruce up the house.

Inexpensive interior items such as cushions, rugs, and lamps that improve the décor, a flower vase in the living room, potted plants, etc. are also helpful to give a better appearance to the house.

  1. Use Staging & Photography

Staging the property simply means doing everything to make the property look great. Professional home stagers look at the property like a buyer and find ideas to showcase the house in the best way. A good photographer can click the right kind of pictures to make the house stand out in a sea of listings.

Your ability to sell properties fast can get a boost if you just keep the above points in mind. Execution is key, but understanding what the property at hand needs, is also very important before you make a listing. Using the power of the internet and the latest technologies such as virtual staging solutions are great options to help you easily sell properties fast and at a good price.

Rahul Agarwal is the Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Styldod, where he has taught a computer to do interior design! Styldod provides the most hassle-free & inexpensive virtual staging solutions for real estate agents so they can sell their listings faster, and for higher prices. Rahul was also a co-founder of Mebelkart (which is acquired by Ask Me). He’s your everyday IIT Kanpur nerd who pushes the boundaries with his innovative entrepreneurial stints and is also a sound startup investor & advisor. Rahul attributes his success as a professional to the discipline he has learned from his district hockey days, being a swimmer and a gym enthusiast.