How to Spruce up Your Landscape Before Listing Your Home


Often, homeowners are so focused on beautifying and staging their home’s interior that they forget about the outside. Yet, your house’s curb appeal can be a deciding factor for many homebuyers. If your yard is overgrown and in disrepair, you might lose potential buyers.

Home staging doesn’t just encompass your interior — curb appeal matters, too! Therefore, it’s best to invest in your yard before listing. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your landscape before putting your house on the market.

1. Prune and Trim

For many buyers, trees can play a role in whether or not they buy a home. It’s not enough for there to simply be trees in the yard. They must also look healthy and manageable. Otherwise, people might grow concerned about the cost and risk of maintaining them.

Take some pruning shears to your trees and lop off any rogue branches. Don’t hesitate to trim back the bushes and shrubs while you’re at it, too.

2. Mulch and Mow

Once you’ve pruned and picked up the trimmings, add a fresh layer of mulch around the trunks to give your yard a polished look. You can also add some wood chips to your flower beds to cover unsightly weeds, dead leaves and dirt patches.

Remember to mow your yard before and after listing your property, too. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to drive by and see dandelions and 6-inch tall grass.

3. Add Some Color

Bright colors have a way of grabbing your attention, whether it’s a neon billboard or a bright red stoplight. Attract more homebuyers by adding a pop of color to your front yard. Paint your door and shutters matching shades of blue or add some colorful rockers to your porch.

If you don’t feel like adding a coat of paint to your home, plant some flowers to add some pop. Hardy plants like honeysuckle are a great choice because they can add visual and olfactory appeal without needing a lot of care and maintenance.

4. Pressure-Wash Hardscapes

Patios, driveways, stepping stones and sidewalks tend to get dirtier with each passing season. Eventually, dirt, mold and mildew can build up and darken your hardscapes. Luckily, a cold water-pressure washer will blast away stubborn stains, mud and other debris.

You may even be able to accelerate the cleaning process by adding detergent. This solution is relatively affordable and straightforward, allowing you to list your home sooner.

5. Light up the Night

If you’re going to spend time pressure-washing your hardscapes, you might as well show them off 24/7. Illuminate your yard with exterior lights so passersby can see your home’s most beautiful features from the street.

Add wall sconces or hanging lanterns to light up your entryway, and install solar-powered lanterns to illuminate dark pathways and sidewalks. You might even put a few motion-activated floodlights over your garage entrance or back door to maximize safety.

6. Replace Hardware

When most homeowners think of replacing hardware, they typically picture drawer pulls and doorknobs. However, you can also boost curb appeal by updating exterior hardware. Install a front door handle and lockset to instantly add a touch of class — and a sense of security. You can also update house numbers and a new mailbox to really catch peoples’ attention.

7. Make a Few Repairs

Sometimes, the best way to spruce up your landscape is to make a few repairs. Instead of adding something new or updating fixtures, repair something you already own. Maybe you can get that old porch light to work again or secure a few loose shingles. Often, it’s easier and more affordable to fix things up than replace existing elements.

Take a close look at your home and consider what you can improve. Tackle a few DIY projects to save money.

Listen to Your Home Staging Expert

Odds are you’ve lived in the same home for a few years now. At this point, you may not notice the rusty gate or occasional broken handle. However, anyone who tours your property certainly will.

Therefore, it’s important to listen to your real estate agent or home stager and take their suggestions to heart, especially when it comes to upgrades and repairs. Often, they’ll notice more red flags than you do. Besides, they’re there to help you make a profit, so you might as well heed their advice.


Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She published maintenance and decor advice for homeowners looking to buy and sell properties.