How to Write Eye-Catching Ad Description When Selling Your House

Selling your property, with so many competitors available on the market, can be challenging. You are not the first real estate agent or house owner who decided to write an ad about their house, so writing it properly matters. 

According to Small Biz Genius, 93% of people look for potential properties to buy by visiting websites, with 98% relying solely on the internet for house-shopping. Likewise, 46% of homebuyers inform themselves about properties through yard ads, with fewer going to open house events than before. 

That said, writing an eye-catching, representative ad for your house will help you reach the right buyer more quickly. Let’s discuss what you can do to improve your property ad descriptions in 2021.

Start by Naming your Ad Correctly

The best way to start writing your ad is to name the house you are selling properly. Which style does it belong to and how expansive is it? What’s unique about it? Posting a house ad and naming it “House for Sale” will often get you nowhere. Instead, here are some examples of what you can try with your ad:

  • Secluded House in the Suburbs
  • Charming Upscale Family Home
  • Spacious, Modern Apartment Ideal for Two

Writing such an eye-catching title for your house ad will make it far more likely for people to click on it for more info. You can use writing tools such as Evernote, Supreme Dissertations, and Grammarly to format your house ad titles.

Focus on What’s Important to Homebuyers

Ads meant to sell housing properties should be succinct and address the most important pain points of homebuyers. Don’t write entire paragraphs about your house to reach a certain word count – instead, try to be informative. What are some of the things every homebuyer is most interested in?

  • Location of the property (city, neighborhood)
  • Property size (both including and excluding the yard if there is one)
  • The number of rooms and their purpose (listing kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc.)
  • Nearby markets, malls, and shops (very important for families)
  • Age of the property (some homebuyers don’t want to buy old houses)

Beyond these points, you can write about anything unique to the property you are selling. Mention whether you’re the original owner, whether the house was recently renovated, and how safe the neighborhood is. Any information beyond that can be provided to homebuyers once they visit the property or give you a call once the ad goes live.

Use Personable, Heartfelt Adjectives

Appealing to your homebuyers’ emotions is the best way to catch their eye with your ad. That’s why using emotional adjectives is an essential part of what makes house ads more appealing than others. These words are good not only for marketing purposes, but to make your ad as human and compassionate as possible. Here are some examples which can find their way into your ad:

  • Astonishing
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Authentic
  • Safe
  • Essential

Of course, there are also words which you should avoid using in your ad at all costs. These typically involve superlatives, such as “the best on the market” or “buy now until it’s gone”. “Best” is subjective, and there are plenty of other houses on the market for homebuyers to check out – be a professional instead of a salesperson.

Rely on Specialized Writing Tools to Spruce Up your Ad

While you can write notes and ideate about your ads without relying on specialized software, it’s best to use such tools for actual ad writing. Using tools dedicated to written content will ensure that no grammar or spelling mistakes rear their head in the final product. 

Similarly, these tools will assist you in using the right keywords to make your ads as fitting for online marketing as possible. Some of the writing tools you can use are Hemingway Editor, Trust My Paper, and Readable. Create your ad text by hand and then pass them through these tools for the legibility best results.

High-Quality Photographs of the Property Matter Significantly

Once you’ve written your ad properly, you should also gather several representative photos of the property you are selling. Based on recent statistics, house ads with sharp photos sell above list price 44% of the time. This means you should visit your property before posting an ad online and take good photographs to accompany your writing. 

Take sharp, daylight photos of each room, as well as several views from windows around the house. Watermark photos with your name or the agency you work with to ensure no copyright infringement occurs. Combined with good writing, these photos will enable you to generate interest in your property far more quickly.

Wrapping Up

Selling your property to the right buyer is all about preparation, and writing your ads properly makes up the majority of said prep time. Go over your property carefully and try to spot what makes it unique on the market. Use those strengths to your advantage and pair them with complementary photographs to catch the eyes of would-be buyers. Once you get into the rhythm of writing ads, you will be able to attract the right buyers easier than before.

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Article submitted by Nicole Garrison.