How Updating Your Baths and Bedrooms Could Benefit Your Home

Many of us look for ways to make our homes feel like nicer places to live. This is especially important, however, if we decide to put our houses on the market. When it comes to sprucing up certain areas of our homes, regardless of whether we’ve decided to sell or not, it’s important to keep a few important points in mind. Here’s what you need to know.   Transform Your Bedroom   When people look at a bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is how well they’ll sleep at the end of the day. However, if you’ve been suffering from poor sleep, you may become ill, notice erratic moods, and see your blood pressure spike. So, it’s important to take steps to transform the room into a sleep sanctuary, both for the sake of your health and to make it look inviting. To start on your path toward achieving better sleep, invest in breathable and comfy linens, a white noise machine, a scent diffuser, and blackout shades or curtains. Just be certain to keep a consistent color scheme to make things look professional when you’re staging.   Pick Perfect Towels   You may think your set of cotton bath towels is fine, but generic cotton is one of the least absorbent materials out there. If you want to make your home feel — and look — more luxurious, experiment with a new blend. For instance, bamboo and microfiber towels are both soft and absorbent, but Turkish or Egyptian cotton blends are also excellent choices. As their fibers are longer, they will collect more water. However, be careful with your chosen color since it can impact a room’s atmosphere. Like with paint, if your bathroom is small, a dark towel can make things seem claustrophobic, rather than spacious.   Let in the Light   If your home appears a little glum, it may not be the décor, but how much light you get. While natural light is best for us and our homes, we may need to complement that with clever fixture choices. With that in mind, think of where you need a boost of light and what you want to highlight in each room. For instance, if your hallways look tight and narrow, you could add overhead illumination to make everything appear bigger and longer; after all, it only takes a few additions to wake your home up and bring life back into its walls.   Make Your Bathroom a Spa   Your bathroom may not seem tired, yet almost all of us want our shower spaces to appear richer and more comforting. Luckily, it doesn’t take big, expensive overhauls to achieve that feeling. In fact, all you need to do is update your hardware, such as the faucet, drawer handles, and towel bars, with something metallic and shining. If you have a tub, add a caddy to make it look like a spa or install shelving to put in some plants to make the bathroom come alive with tropical vibes. Even adding a few candles of different lengths, in similar or complementary colors, can give a room an entirely different aesthetic.   Add Tasteful Décor   Whether you’re staging your home or simply want to create an elegant ambiance, you should update and edit your décor. That means focusing on small details that give big impact, like colorful accent pillows on an all-white bed, or a mirror placed across from a window to draw in more light. Similarly, use textures to also give things in each room a fresh look. Don’t underestimate the power of a furry blanket against a smooth sofa or a handwoven rug on wooden flooring. Again, the key is experimenting until you have just enough to make your house look interesting without being overwhelmed with knick-knacks.   No matter if you’re selling or sprucing up your home, adjusting your décor can be transformative. New colors, textures, and lights can make your property feel like paradise. Do it bit by bit, or stage it all at once, and enjoy the benefits of living in a cheerful environment.   Image courtesy of Pixabay  

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