HURRY, HURRY – Urgent Casting Call for Unique Staging Stories and Case Studies

As you most likely know, works closely with media outlets – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, bloggers, podcasters and many more – and we are often asked to contribute stories. Today we were asked to provide names of ASPs and REALTORS who have helped clients with a unique staging project to get a house sold. The writer’s goal is to talk to the clients, as this story is meant to be from the clients’ perspective about how the REALTOR/stager helped them. Are you an ASP or REALTOR with clients willing to share their success story where you helped them? Please contact us ASAP. If your contribution is selected your story and name will be prominently featured in a national magazine and the publicity value will be immense. I am personally always committed to making sure our hardworking ASPs® and ASPMs® receive recognition for their work and I hope you will take the opportunity to be part of this. Please know, however,, and I, have no say in whether a story or idea will be selected – that’s up to the editorial team of the magazine and the writer. You must hurry, though! The magazine has given us Friday as deadline for contributions. That’s not unusual as media outlets often need input quickly.

Please send your contributions to [email protected]

If you are interested in learning about the many, many publications that previously have featured, our ASPs® and ASPMs®, and the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, please click here to visit the Media Center. Always working for you Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® CEO® Founder/Chairwoman      

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