IAHSP® and Stagedhomes.com®; We are in the News Again – and Here’s How it Benefits You!

No other group has the kind of experience, long-term reputation we do, and the fact that we created the industry positions us as the authority on Home Staging. Because of the credibility we have built up, and the business ethics we adhere to each and every day, we gain a log of publicity. We remain thankful for the continued media exposure out there, and I thought I’d share with you the kind of commitment I personally make in order to continually raise awareness of the work our great ASPs® and ASPMs® do, and the top quality by which they do it. Consider my interview schedule in the last two weeks.
  • Monday, September 21 – 2 hr. interview with the National Association of REALTORS®
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, September 22 & 23 – 4 hr. interview with Consumer Reports
  • Thursday, September 24 & Friday, October 2 – 2.5 hr. interview with Kiplinger’s

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  • Friday, September 25 – 90 min. interview with the Seattle Times
  • Monday, September 28 – 2 hr interview with the National Association of REALTORS®

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  • Tuesday, September 29 – 30 min. interview with the New York Times

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  • Wednesday September 30 – 1 hr. interview for a podcast with and for a well-known blog
  • Thursday, October 1 – 90 min. interview with The Real Estate Insider Magazine
  • Friday, October 2 – 90 min. interview with the Associated Press
Some of the articles have not been published yet and we’ll bring them to you as soon as they’re available. Our expansive media exposure goes far back as well. For prior news stories, including a television segment by 20/20 and The Today Show, visit the Stagedhomes media center by clicking here. So, how does this benefit you? Consider the following:
  • Changing Perception through Education
Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation about Home Staging still exists among consumers as well as professionals in the real estate industry. Many confuse what we do with design services and many are not familiar with how Staging helps sell homes faster and for more money. When consumers visit Stagedhomes.com, and certainly our Stagedhomes blog, they learn about the benefits of ASP Home Staging, as the value of hiring an Accredited Staging Professional taught by the creator of the industry.
  • Credibility
During every interview I always talk about The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) and request that reporters provide a link to the association’s website. Each time a news article references Stagedhomes.com and IAHSP, consumers go to both websites to search for ASP® Stagers and REALTORS® and for more information, giving us the opportunity to share our Code of Ethics that we follow and the integrity by which we manage our businesses and client relationships. IAHSP® is the only true Staging Association just for Professional Stagers for the industry and as such we have an excellent reputation. Your membership of IAHSP is a testimony of your commitment to your profession in addition to the credibility you build by having earned the Accredited Staging Professional® designation.
  • Leads
Over 11,000,000 hits come to Stagedhomes.com for information about Home Staging each month – many of them as a result of media exposure. Our website features a directory through which consumers and industry professional can find ASPs® in every corner of the United States, and even in other countries. Make sure you’ve updated your profile in the directory – it will improve your chances of receiving leads.
  • Value for  Sellers and Agents
The attention we receive through news media is also beneficial to sellers of ASP® Staged homes and the agents representing them. Consumers can search for Staged properties at Stagedhomes.com, providing an excellent marketing vehicle for agents as part of their marketing plan. Our high level of media exposure equals raised awareness of what we do, how we do it, and how it benefits consumers – an invaluable benefit provided to you as an Accredited Staging Professional®, and member of IAHSP®. Stay tuned for additional articles – and make sure to share them with your sphere of influence. Want to know how you can do that? Please look below. Live in Joy, ASP® Stage® with Joy and Enjoy the Wonder and Magic of it all! Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® President & Founder, StagedHomes.com President & Founder, IAHSP and the IAHSP Foundation®, IAHSP.com Share this article with your Facebook friends. Click on the SHARE button above, select the F symbol for Facebook, write a message if you’d like, and select SHARE. A link will appear on your Facebook wall.
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