IAHSP is the only Home Staging Association that is truly for Home Stagers only

IAHSP is the ONLY professional Home Staging association in existence that serves only Home Stagers. I get a lot of requsts to join our IAHSP Group on LinkedIn and I know we also get requests or interest through our IAHSP website. These people do not read the actual Group description or else they would know that one of the requirements for membership in IAHSP is training as an ASP. What I recently wrote to someone who wanted to join but is a designer and does not want to take a Staging class – is below – we want to SERVE the HOME STAGING INDUSTRY – as ASPs. . . . with integrity and quality. __________________________________________ Thanks for your reply. IAHSP is about Home Staging and serving the Home Staging industry and real estate industry as a professional association. We are not a design industry.  If your interest is interior design, I recommend you join one of those associations that are set up to serve those members and people trained in interior design. We are set up to serve those trained in Home Staging. When we started 10 years ago, there was only one reputable designation out there, and it became the foundation of our membership. Through the years, we have tried to open up IAHSP to other groups of “stagers” most of whom came to take ideas and not share. We found that having the same benchmark of training in Home Staging is important. I cannot join ASID or IRIS without taking THEIR class and cannot attend meetings, etc. as I am not part of those groups. They are not opening them up to ANY person that calls themselves a designer or re-designer – you have to meet educational criteria first. NAR is the same – National Assn of Realtors – a real estate agent cannot join NAR without first becoming a REALTOR and earning that designation – paying fees, dues, getting training, etc. I do not look at these other associations as serving only their classes – they serve their respective industries. It’s the same for IAHSP. If people want to join the association, they have to be educated in Home Staging by the chosen course – the one that has the most history and best reputation – as that is what IAHSP also strives for.

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