Infographic on Home Prep and Staging Tips

Check out this info-graphic on Staging . . . from ATG Stores.   Interesting statistics and suggestions for areas of improvement with the biggest bang for the buck. One word of caution, never recommend lighting candles in a home that is vacant.  The risk of fire is real, and even an occupied home should not have things burning for showings.  If aromas are an issue in the house, it is best to address them BEFORE the house is listed and eliminate them so they do not have to be “masked” with something like pot-pourri or a candle.  Having a fresh scent, lightly used, in a house is OK as long as it is not so dominating of a scent that it will make buyers suspicious that some other less pleasant aroma is being covered up. And of course the #1 TIP that is missing:  HIRE A PROFESSIONAL ASP or ASPM Stager to work with the homeowner.  An objective opinion and recommendations are KEY to truly set the Stage for your house and prepare it for the unknown buyer! - Easy, Quick and Trendy Home Selling and Staging Tips

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