Installing a Window: Should You DIY or Hire a Company?

  If you need to install a window for your home, you should click here for the pros and cons of doing it yourself and hiring a company to see which is best. Windows are the eyes of the home. Bad windows are one of the few home issues visible from both inside and outside the house. Savvy buyers and homeowners know that new windows are a great benefit both visually and economically. If you are considering installing a window, there are two options. You can shop for window companies to do the work for you, or you can attempt installing yourself. Take into consideration the long list of To-Do’s of homeownership before taking on this project yourself. However, if you are still curious about which route you should take, check through the arguments below. Why You Should Consider Hiring? The main benefits of hiring professionals for installing replacement windows instead of DIY window replacement is quality assurance. Typically, professional installers provide assurance for their installation. In other words, if they break a window while installing or you later find they installed incorrectly, the liability is on them. What’s more, many window warranties can use improper installation as a reason to not follow through on the warranty. A window is only as good and efficient as it’s installation. For instance, if you install Pella windows, they require brand-specific certifications. If you decide to start shopping for professional window companies, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Free Estimate
You can also use this free estimate to gather information if you are considering a do it yourself replacement window project. Free estimates can help you understand total costs, what items to consider, special requirements, and so on.
  • What’s Included In Their Services
Will they replace and re-paint interior or exterior trim? What about hauling away all those old windows? Ask the company if they’ll help you dispose of your old windows once they’ve been replaced.
  • Certifications (such as is required to install Pella)
You would also benefit from asking these questions:
  • How long will this project take?
  • How will you ensure no damage to rest of house? (drop cloths, careful removal, etc.)
  • Do you have Reviews or past experience to verify?
Any good contractor will have a good track record of reviews. Consider checking a credible review site for reliable reviews of past performance before hiring a company. Why You Should Consider DIY Window Replacement The main benefit of a do it yourself replacement window project is the reduced cost. Skipping the cost of installation can be a great way to reduce the financial impact of this home renovation. Also, you have more control and visibility into the project. You know exactly what work was done. If you are considering doing it yourself, ask yourself the following:
  • Am I capable of doing this project?
Is a construction-related project right for you? Is this something you want to take on? Do you have the time to spend? How long are you willing to go without windows if it ends up taking longer than expected? Lowe’s created a great guide to walk you through the process to do it yourself replace windows. Decide if these step-by-step instructions sound like a project you want to take on.
  • Do I have the right tools?
Do you have the tools you need for your window installation project? If not, purchasing new tools will be necessary. Consider this when weighing the cost savings.
  • Can I find replacement windows?
Many of the big hardware chains only sell new construction windows. You can find more options including replacement windows via window companies that carry a wider selection. Window Companies Can Help with Installing a Window Installing a window can be a daunting task. Weigh out the options between spending your money on professionals or spending your time learning the project.   Article submitted by Lara Buck.

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