Interior Design DIY Ideas With Custom Elements

Decorating the interior of your home shows off your style and personality. Having a room that looks just like a magazine isn’t always something we aspire to. You want to be unique and make your home yours. 

Do you need some help to start planning? We’re going to give you our top DIY ideas for the interior of your home. 

Custom Painting

Do you have a photo that means the world to you? It could be from a great vacation, family portrait, or simply something you enjoy looking at. 

If you’re not a great artist, you can pick your favorite photo and commission someone to paint it for you. Your space will have a one of a kind painting that’s a perfect conversation piece. 

It will stand out more than a photograph in a frame because it’s handmade artwork and will be admired.

Pallet Furniture

A new trend these days is repurposing wood pallets into furniture. You can create tables, nightstands, headboards, and decorations. The best part of this idea is that pallets are usually free or very low cost. 

First, you have to unassemble the wood and sand it down smooth before you get to work. Look for designs you want to replicate and get your measurements. With some work, you can create a beautiful piece of furniture that’s perfect for your home.

Stain it the color you want, and your low-cost wood piece will look like expensive hardwood. 

Repurpose Antiques

If you love a good antique hunt, this is a perfect idea for you. On the weekends, you can visit your local second-hand shops to look for unique items. You’ll never know what you might find while at the store, which makes it fun. 

Once you find the perfect item, you can repurpose it, so it comes to life. Deep cleaning a piece and adding a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for an antique. It will add character to your room, and no one else will have the same item.

Make Your Accent Pillows 

Have you ever been to a fabric store and seen a pattern that jumps out at you? You don’t want a full sofa with the design, but a fun accent pillow would work. When you can’t find exactly what you want premade, get the sewing kit out and make your own. 

Pillows can be any shape and size you want them to be. The person at the fabric store can help you measure and give you all the supplies you need to make your own cases. They’re easy to create because the shapes aren’t complicated. 

When you’re done, you’ll have custom pillows with a pattern that fits perfectly into your space and with your taste. 

Hang Up Kid’s Work 

If you have little ones that love to make art or they wrote you a beautiful letter on a particular day, use that as decoration. Your child will feel proud and accomplished. It’s a great way to preserve memories and make your home all about family. 

Then, when your children grow up, it’s a great reminder of when they were little. You’ll never be able to find artwork or quotes that mean as much as those from your children. 

The Bottom Line 

There are many DIY projects you can do to make your home unique. You’ll have to put in a little more time and effort than just going to the furniture store. However, your home will be filled with meaningful pieces. 

Our top recommendations are to invest in a custom painting, build pallet furniture, repurpose antiques, make your pillows, and put up your children’s work. Around every corner of your house, you’ll have custom pieces that make your home unique. 

Article submitted by Ashley Lipman