Is There a Need to Paint Your House before Selling?
  • Are you selling your house?
  • Are you confused about repainting it?
  • Are you questioning if there really is a need to paint your house before selling?

If these questions are similar to what has been doing rounds in your mind, then look no further as I help you decide for yourself.

It is evident that deciding whether or not to paint your house before selling can be a difficult choice, to begin with. It can be a need if you have been living in a property for long without any renovation. Otherwise, it is just an added formality many real estate agents consider necessary.

According to essential statistics of the painting industry, the estimated number of new painting jobs would only be 5,500 for the next year. Therefore, it can be said that people are moving towards reducing this norm and working around it.

However, the fact that you find yourself unable to make a steady decision, in this case, leaves little to doubt that a repainting job has many benefits attached to it. Maybe that is why the home improvement sales have been growing consistently since 2009 and expected to hit 464.5 billion by 2022.

So, where to lean on? Let’s find out, shall we?

Why You Should Consider Painting Your House before Selling

I have listed four of the main reasons why people usually opt to paint their houses before selling.

1.   Adds value to your home

There is no denying the fact that a nice fresh coat of paint adds value to your house. The many reasons I will discuss below, the starting point is that a fresh coat of paint will always be valuable for the house you are planning to sell. Your home is going up for sale, and you obviously want it to look more appealing, sell faster, not look used at all for the buyer to skip on it. It is how human psychology works and makes this an incredible tactic to follow to make a good sale.

2.   A fresh coat of paint helps sell the house faster

A fresh coat of paint attracts potential buyers and lets you negotiate your price point to give that you have already spent on it. Most of the time, the house sells fast enough because the buyer does want the paint job to get old, and the buyer can move-in right away without planning any extra renovation. A buyer would often purchase a house simply because, among other reasons, a fresh paint job would allow added after-sales value to the house, and they would not have to spend a single extra penny.

3.   Repainting removes the used look of the house

The concept behind this is simply as giving a new look to almost anything that has already been used to sell over to another user without making it obvious. It makes the house look completely different and almost new. For instance, you might have a chip paint job on a fence and fix it with a fresh coat. The before and after-effects would be miles apart of that fence, and that is precisely how it works for a house too.

4.   Buyers picture themselves in the home

As the house looks new, your buyer would be able to picture themselves in the new house with their family. It would be easier for them to reciprocate the feeling of getting a new home than buying property from someone else who already has memories attached to the place. A report writing service suggests getting neutral colors as they allow the canvas to the buyer if they are planning to redecorate the home, making the experience even better.

Why Spending on a Fresh Coat of Paint is not worth it

The following are the cons attached to a fresh paint job and the reasons why spending on it is sometimes not worth it.

1.   Have to repaint and redesign both interior and exterior

There is no choice available that you can get away with just painting the exterior or just the interior. If you are getting either one freshly painted, you have to go for the other. It is like the two sides of the same coin. You cannot disappoint a potential buyer who takes an interest in your house for sale because of a nicely coated exterior but a shabby interior.

2.   Have to wait to sell the house until all the work is done

This reason goes against people who are readily looking forward to selling their house for any different purpose. A new paint job is not as simple as it sounds, and not everybody can do an efficient DIY job. That is why choosing to get your house painted and still preferring for it to sell quickly enough are two opposites that can’t happen simultaneously.

You will have to delay your selling procedure until all the work is done. And even after that, you cannot put up the house for sale as soon as possible because some people do not prefer the smell of the paint.

3.   Requires extra expense if you get it done professionally

It can be an additional expense and addition to an already piling up list of things you need to do before selling. Also, not to mention that such an expense is that which you will not even enjoy personally and would be solely doing to get your house sold.

Additionally, if you are getting it done professionally, you will be paying for the paint, products, and tools as well as the service, which means a sufficient price increase than a random DIY job.

Bottom Line

All in all, repainting is not that big of a debate. If you have the right resources to get it done, then go for it, otherwise, don’t. Primarily if you have maintained your house throughout the time you’ve lived there, then a repaint job will become an unnecessary burden. Nonetheless, I hope the pros and cons I have listed above help you come to a steady conclusion in no time!

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