Kitchen Ideas For Upcoming 2020

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Our homes are full of important rooms that we spend a lot of time. However, arguably the most important is our kitchens. While a kitchen used to be simply for cooking and occasionally eating, this is no longer the case. Many families spend a lot of time in their kitchen and it is the center of the home for many people.

As a result, many people are changing and designing their kitchen to reflect this change. Not only does a kitchen renovation increase the value of your home, but it can also make it a joy to live in. However, with so many different trends, styles and options to choose from, how do you decide how to best design your kitchen?

With all of that in mind, this blog post is going to look at a few kitchen design trends and ideas for 2020.

More Space and Storage

People have more “stuff” than ever before, and this is especially true in the kitchen. Most of us have dozens of different kitchen gadgets and countertop appliances and storing them successfully can be difficult. As a result, it is going to become more and more popular for kitchens to offer access to more space and storage.

Purchasing cabinets is easier than ever and can even be done online thanks to providers like Cabinet City. Shelves, wall hangers, and even dividers are also options to get more space in your kitchen and keep it organized. While adding more storage and space can sometimes be costly, the quality of life improvements it offers can be well worth it.

Discrete Handles

In order to access the drawers and cabinets within your kitchen, they need to have handles. Unfortunately, the knobs and handles on many cabinets and cupboards aren’t very appealing, and can get caught or hit on things. As a result, it is a growing trend for kitchens to have discrete or completely hidden handles.

This can be anything from handle cutouts at the bottom of the doors or drawers, a “push-to-open” system or even slim handles at the side of the cabinet for a better aesthetic. This will allow you to open and use your storage the exact same, only without those large and potentially unsightly handles being there.

Colorful Freedom

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Another great idea for your kitchen in 2020 is color. While many rooms in our homes have been colorful for years, many people have refrained from using a lot of colors in their kitchens. Usually, that room is full of whites, browns, natural tones and other neutral colors. But thankfully, we are beginning to see this change. More and more.

This could be adding a colorful backdrop, colorful art, colorful chairs or even painting your island base or cabinets a bright or stunning color. Of course, unless you want to be changing the colors in your kitchen every year, be sure the color and design is something you can see yourself enjoying for at least the next few years. In addition to bright colors being a relatively popular trend, so is an all-black kitchen as well. The point is, there is more freedom in the kitchen when it comes to color than ever before, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Hidden Range Hoods

In many kitchens, having a range hood is a necessity. Unfortunately for those who care a lot about the design of their kitchen, these range hoods rarely look good. They are large, unsightly and likely don’t fit the overall aesthetic you are going for with your kitchen. Because of this, more and more people are hiding them.

This can be done in a couple of different ways. They can be attached to the wall to reduce their size, they can be covered with the same wall tile as your kitchen to limit how pronounced they are, and they can even be integrated right into your cabinets. Of course, hiding your range hood can be a big job, but the results can speak for themselves.

In addition to hiding range hoods, people are also finding ways to hide their appliances. Some people don’t like the stainless steel, white or black colors that most appliances come in. As a result, they are adding fronts to their appliances that make it simply blend in with the rest of your cabinetry.

Caring About the Ceiling

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In the kitchen, along with most rooms in our home, the ceiling is often forgotten about. However, this is beginning to change in 2020. Many people are starting to take their ideas of kitchen design to the ceiling and making it a focal point in the room. This can be done through painting it, adding some unique texture, putting on some wallpaper or even wood panelling.

This is normally a very simple and quick design change, as it only involves a relatively small amount of space. Because most people simply leave their kitchen ceiling alone, this small design choice can make your space stand out above the rest. Also, the ceiling is the perfect place to add a splash of color or design if your prefer to have a neutral kitchen.

The Increased Use of Sustainable Materials

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Sustainability is something many people care about, and it is now finding its way into our kitchens. Many people want their cupboards, cabinets, chairs and tables to be made from either recycled or sustainable materials. This is great for the environment, and many of these materials looks incredible and people would never know they were recycled.

Many retailers and contractors now have access to sustainable materials and thus, it is easier than ever to add recycled elements into your kitchen. Also, it is popular for people to create their own items for their kitchen as well. Creating DIY chairs, tables and other kitchen mainstays is becoming quite popular. Of course, know your own skills and abilities before taking on these types of projects.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you learn some brilliant ideas for designing and decorating your kitchen for 2020.

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