Kitchen Style Trends to Look For in 2020-2021

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Kitchen the Heart of Your Home

While some may consider a kitchen only as a place to store, cook, and prepare your food, we all know that it serves a key role in the house and remodeling your kitchen is something that needs a lot of attention. For families, it’s a meeting place to discuss strategy before guests arrive.

For newlyweds, it could easily transform into a make-out place, and for those living by themselves, it is where you practice your tango skills while waiting for the pot to get hot. Regardless of whichever way you look at it, the kitchen is where a lot of memories are created.

According to the American Time Use Study, from 2003-2016, the percentage of college-educated men cooking increased from 37.9% to 51.9%, while that is a definite increase, there is no doubt that women cook much more than men. Nevertheless, if you are a proud house owner who would love to have a good looking kitchen, then here are some trends that might pique your interest.        

Latest Upcoming Trends for 2020-2021

1.   Ceramic Built-In Sinks

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The best thing about ceramic sinks is that they are stain-resistant and quite easy to maintain. A lot of them can be cleaned using your standard household cleaning products. However, the only downfall is that ceramic sinks are quite sensitive as compared to cast iron sinks and fireclay sinks.

So unless you do not wish just to throw your dishes in the sink and do care about not chipping, cracking or scratching your sink, then this is the one for you. Ceramic sinks need care; you simply cannot treat them in a rough manner. An alternative to that is porcelain which is much denser and thicker, thus making it less prone to chipping and cracking.

2.   Flamboyant Cabinets & Shelves

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While cabinets and shelves are simply irreplaceable, the kitchen larders are also making a big come back. These refrigerator-sized cabinets are a great way to store different items in your kitchen and the numerous shelves it offers to make it easy to categorize your items. Then there are custom cabinets that are stylishly designed to provide a ton of various functions.

They can even include reclaimed wood and made from other materials such as bamboo. Some new designs that are coming out are quite flexible and put your family need first and upfront. It is all about looking good without comprising the value of space the cabinet occupies.    

3.   Innovative Drawer Designs


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It is 2020, and it seems like drawers are closely following the cabinets when it comes to innovative designs and inventive functionality instilled into them. No one can deny the tremendous utility a kitchen drawer offers. If you cannot find an item anywhere in your house, make a bet, and you will find it one of the kitchen drawers.

A lot of these new trends include kitchen drawers with built-in separators that make it easy to organize your items according to their use and function. In fact, a lot of them offer you support through their design feature to keep your knives, plates, and other crockery items safe from wear and tear.

4.   Laminated Water Resistant Floors

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Have you ever heard of a wood-based water-resistant floor? Well, now, you do. There are a lot of companies that are offering you these incredible flooring options for your kitchen, mainly because there can be spills. Water-resistant flooring prevents water or other liquids spoiling the floor. Their protective layering prevents even moisture from seeping into the core.

Many of these, such as AquaGuard and the rest can be easily installed in no time at all. You get real hardwoods for your floor that appeals to people so that they can walk barefoot inside their home, but it also offers protection from ultra-violet radiation.

5.   Nanotechnology

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For those who do not believe it, nanotechnology is already here and making our kitchen come alive. Even though science has moved at an uneven pace for this faction of technology, ideas are emerging right now to use this knowledge to reinvent everyday use items.

For kitchens, nanotech could mean shapeshifting kitchens that can be programmed to become more interactive along a programmed pathway. Though this may seem farfetched for some, however, it is pretty much achievable. So necessarily we are talking about a kitchen that is virtually scratchless and leaves no fingerprints behind.

6.   Resourceful Lighting& Energy Consumption

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Smart lighting for kitchens is becoming a must. This can also set the mood and how you prefer the kitchen to look. Lighting definitely creates an evident impact when it comes to ambiance. As far as the layout is concerned Sebring design-build seems quite appealing.

It offers hanging lights that come in various shapes and sizes with adjustable height according to your preferences. For a soft finish, gold looks quite elegant. Industrial styles and retro styles are also picking quite the flair. Lastly, there are vintage designs for those who need to make a statement and stand out from the rest of the crowd.   

7.   Timeless Furniture Colors

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When it comes to colors people can tend to be quite picky. Chose the wrong color, and it ruins the look of the entire room. This is why homeowners prefer to use timeless colors and shades so that they look quite reasonable even after several years of use. Fan favorites include Naval (SW 6244), Rave Red (SW 6608), and Tricorn Black (SW 6258).

The idea over here is to create a timeless appeal. While we all like colors, there are some that can become quite boring with time and changing them can be a hefty task that most would like to avoid. However, if you buy coursework help online, then you can ask for changes at any hour of the day without a second thought.

8.   Suspended Kitchens

Charming Hanging Kitchen Shelf Hang Cabinet From Ceiling Google Restaurant Shelving Suspended Open Glass Storage Wooden Island With Rail

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Another trend which the masses are showing interest in is the suspended kitchen units. These can include anything from shelves to storage places that can be left hanging using sturdy and robust wires. The idea is to use space in a fashion that the kitchen looks as if it has more room to offer.

Again the heights of these suspended shelves and cabinets can be adjusted according to your liking. You simply need to reach up to get to your item of choice. This leaves ample space alongside your walls so that you can happily move around without knocking over anything.

9.   Wood Colored Countertops

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Wood colored countertops offer you a great aesthetic appeal for your kitchen. Others would argue that quartz countertops are simply unbeatable. To them, we say ‘TRUE’, but there is so much more variety out there. If everyone picks quartz, it will eventually become monotonous.

Pure white countertops are also quite favorite amongst homeowners but then again, white can look pretty dirty if you do not clean them satisfactorily. This is why we suggest you go with wood countertops. They are soft to look at and very mellow. They don’t give off loud vibes only that you love mother earth so you brought some of it back to your home.  


Kitchen décor is quite debatable. What to pick or what not to pick. The best way to choose, however, is to stick with something that can last, offer you appeal, and essentially provides you with commendable utility. Kitchen is probably the busiest place of the house, and therefore it attracts a lot of foot traffic.

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to how you should go about selecting the perfect kitchen style for your home. For more questions regarding the topic, do let us know your feedback in the comment section below. Happy Cooking to All of You!  

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