Let Me Help You Get Noticed in Your Local REALTOR Community

ASP Stagers around the nation enjoy a wonderful relationship with the REALTOR® community. When ASP Stagers and REALTORS® work together everybody benefits, including the client. A common sign of our longstanding partnership with the national, state and local REALTOR® associations is that we often are quoted as subject matter experts for Home Staging. Most recently, the Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® quoted me in the November issue of their REALEYES newsletter. In the article In a Tough Market, Staging Can Make the Difference I showed the impact of ASP Staging as I shared statistics on how much faster, and for more money, Staged homes sell when they are Staged by an ASP Home Stager. Previously, we’ve been quoted in association newsletters and magazines by associations around the nation for many years. You’ll find links to many of them at the Stagedhomes Media Center. It’s an honor and our great pleasure to work closely with the hard-working staffs at associations around the United States and Canada . Most associations look for valuable and insightful articles they can publish in their publications. Have you contacted your local and state associations to explore whether they’d be open to publish an article written by you? I suggest you do. And, we at Stagedhomes.com will support you in any way we can, which may include providing you with pictures and maybe even Staging tips and suggestions. I want you to know that you’re welcome to use the many “ Barb Schwarz sayings” I’ve developed over a period of almost forty years. You can find them at the Staging University at Stagedhomes.com. When you do, please make sure to make it clear that the saying is a quote by me. It will give you more credibility we are told when you quote me. They truly are effective when it comes to communicating the benefits of Home Staging, both for consumers as well as their REALTORS®. Also, please know that if the association representative would like to discuss Home Staging with me as well, I’ll gladly speak directly with them. Just give them my email address of [email protected] or our phone number of 800-392-7161. I will be happy to brag about you! And, if they would like I can also give them another quick quote about the latest in Home Staging nationally and at Stagedhomes.com and IAHSP too. Just remember, associations look for information, not promotion. Be mindful when you write your article and avoid coming off as trying to promote yourself and your business. Focus on educating the readers by providing helpful tips. During the month of December I’m sharing with you actionable tips and ideas you can use when you develop your business plan. Stay tune for the next business plan tip as it will describe how you can get publicity for your business. Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB®, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® President & Founder, Stagedhomes.com President & Founder, IAHSP.com
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