Lovely Landscaping: 3 Plant Varieties to Add to Your Yard this Fall

Lovely Landscaping: 3 Plant Varieties to Add to Your Yard this Fall

This year, celebrate the arrival of cooler weather by going to work in your yard and putting in a few varieties of plants. Autumn acts as a wonderful time to put in a lot of different plants around your home. Some of the fall-friendly items that you can put in your yard include daffodils, tulips, grass, and even trees under certain circumstances. The decreased temperature in the fall season allows plants to go straight to planting beds and get much-needed relief from the unrelenting heat. There’s also the fact that plant diseases and pests tend to become less of an issue in the fall. Plus, the autumn rain can give your plants a great head start. This article will show you three plant varieties that you should place in your yard this fall.


Put in shrubs while the soil around your home is still warm to the touch and night temperatures start to cool off. Waiting for these signs helps with the growth of the roots. It also lets your plants establish themselves in the ground before the first frost arrives. Look for drought-resistant shrub varieties such as ligustrum and distylium. For those gardeners who like blooming shrubs, varieties like rhododendrons, camellias, and azaleas are also a good option for fall planting.


Fall acts as one of the best times to plant trees in your yard. Gardeners that want trees that will make their landscape stand out, look for specimens such as maples and oaks. Carefully choose the right site for your trees. If you place the tree too far from your residence, you could make it too difficult to water it in its crucial first years of existence. If you plant too close to your residence, the tree’s roots could wreak havoc on your home’s foundation, tree limbs could fall on your roof, and your beautiful views could get blocked.

Coral Bells

According to home improvement expert Bob Vila, coral bells present beautiful flower stalks all year round, even in the autumn months. They even grow in the shade.

The Right Equipment

Now that you’re ready to start your fall planting project, you’ll want to make sure that you have the necessary equipment to do the job correctly. This would include a way to get rid of your landscaping waste such as skip bins or dumpsters; protective gardening equipment like gloves; and tools to help the work go faster like shovels. Preparing for every stage before you start will help you create an outdoor space you’ll actually enjoy. You don’t have to leave your planting projects for the spring and summer. Whether you put in shrubs, coral bells, or even trees, planting the right varieties can make year-round gardening easier. Now that you know the best plants for the fall months, you can have a beautiful yard all year round.   Article submitted by Dixie Somers / Freelance Writer [email protected]

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