Lowe’s + Stagedhomes.com = Savings for ASPs®!

BarbSchwarzsmallIt is my pleasure, and I am so excited, to share with you that Stagedhomes.com and Lowe’s have built a coupon savings program for you as ASP’s® with Lowe’s!  I have been working on this for you all for some time. This is a trial program.  Lowe’s really wants to see how ASP® Home Staging benefits their stores.  You and I know we all go to Lowe’s a lot and purchase things there for ourselves and for our clients, and we send our ASP® Clients to Lowe’s all of the time too for their Home Staging needs.  Many times we tell our clients what to buy at Lowe’s.  Therefore, I am counting upon you all to use the coupons that Lowe’s and Stagedhomes.com has put together for you to use in your ASP® business and with your clients.  Lowe’s will be keeping track of how much business we do there and how many coupons we use as we purchase things with our new ASP® Stagedhomes.com coupons.  Our initial trail with Lowe’s will go until September 30th, this year.  I hope, like you do too, that we can show Lowe’s how much we use the ASP® coupons and how productive we are.  Then, as that happens, we will show them that we deserve to have a permanent long term savings coupon program with them for you. I believe that as ASP’s® we all go to Lowe’s a lot and purchase things to ASP® Stage® a home.  We also tell our clients to go to Lowe’s and purchase things a lot too as they are preparing their homes for sale.  And you go to Lowe’s to buy things for yourself also, I know I do.  Please take advantage of this wonderful test program and use the coupons over and over again.  When Lowe’s see that we as ASP’s® buy all that we do at  Lowe’s we will see a long term Stagedhomes.com savings program with Lowe’s for all ASP’s® continue onward.  So lets do it.  Lets make this happen long term!  This is a big deal in my mind and I hope you agree.  I am always striving to achieve savings for you to help you and your business be more profitable. To receive your ASP® Lowe’s Coupons and to print them out please go to the Staging University® on a regular basis to print out more ASP® Lowe’s Coupons to use daily. I am counting upon you and us all to make Lowe’s a permanent Stagedhomes.com ASP® partner!  We have this opportunity for continued savings for you as ASP’s® so lets prove to them that as ASP’s® we are their best partner in Home Improvement through ASP® Home Staging! Print out the ASP® Stagedhomes.com coupons and use them weekly.  Thank you for being an ASP®!  I hope you are as excited as I am for this new Stagedhomes.com/Lowes trail program for you as an ASP®! Happy ASP® Staging, Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® CEO www.Stagedhomes.com® IAHSP® Founder and Chairwoman of The Board of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and Foundation  www.iahsp.com Follow up to Prior Information about the Stagedhomes.com/ Lowe’s Coupon Program WOW! It didn’t take long after I posted the information above about the Stagedhomes.com and Lowe’s program before I heard from many ASPs® and ASPMs® who immediately want to make it part of their marketing activities. I was asked about the best way to distribute these coupons earlier today. Specifically, I was asked whether it would be a good idea to post the coupon at a website, blog or at Facebook and through Twitter. Consider this: The purpose of the program is to bring consumers and Realtors® to a local ASP®. In fact, the success with this program depends on how much we’re able to share coupons with consumers and Realtors®. Making the coupon available for download on any online platform will defeat the purpose of establishing a first contact between the consumer/Realtor® and the ASP®. So, for that purpose, please do not post the coupon online. Do, however, post information about it everywhere, and encourage the public to contact you in order to receive a coupon. It’s an ASP® marketing opportunity; not just a way to distribute coupons. It will bring consumers and Realtors to you and giving you a chance to establish a positive business relationship. A very important feature of this program is that each couple MUST have its individual bar code. In other words, coupons must not be copied and certainly not available online as a graphic to download. We are fortunate that Lowe’s made several coupons available for each ASP®. Coupons are ONLY available through the Staging University, and that is by design in order to make the offer exclusive to ASPs® and the consumers and Realtors® they work with. Once again, the purpose of the Lowe’s/Stagedhomes.com is to drive traffic to ASPs®. Once consumers and Realtors® see the notes about the coupon offer they will go to the Stagedhomes.com ASP® Directory to find a local ASP®. It’s at that point you have a chance to provide them a coupon with a unique bar code. The program will effectively give consumers and Realtors® a reason to contact an ASP®.

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