Make a Commitment to Education and Growth in 2010: Add Home Staging to Your Realtor® Marketing Toolkit

Across the nation more and more markets are starting to report increased activity, and consumer confidence for the real estate market appears to be getting stronger following a few years of decline. With more buyers and sellers getting ready to enter the market, are you poised to stand out in your marketplace to grow your business in 2010? Now is the time to lay the groundwork for success next year. I’m a firm believer in continued education. Learning never stops, and in our industry we must continue to educate ourselves to stay on top of the many changes we continually see in our businesses. An ASP Real Estate Agent designation will enable you to directly impact your bottom line: adding Home Staging to your marketing toolkit will help you sell homes faster and for more money. Want proof? Click here to learn about the impact of ASP Staging by reviewing statistics at the website of Imagine a consumer visiting two homes, one ASP Staged and the other vacant and empty of furniture. Which one is more likely to capture the imagination of what the home would be like to live in? ASP Staging illuminates the unique feature of each section of a home, thus making it more likely for consumers to picture themselves living there. Realtors® report that consumers are more likely to spend more time in the home when it’s been Staged. Our ASP Real Estate Agent training is available in the classroom or online and you may even qualify for CE credits depending upon which state you live in. Now more than ever it’s absolutely crucial to stand out in your marketplace. With an ASP Real Estate Agent designation you most definitely will. For 2010, give yourself a chance to really stand out in your marketplace. Give yourself the gift of ASP Home Staging. Click here to see when we offer classroom training near you. Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® Founder and CEO, Founder and Chairwoman, IAHSP and the IAHSP Foundation
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