Marketing Strategy for the Spring Market

Marketing Strategy for the Spring Market

Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP-Premier, SRS, BTS, REO, IAHSP-CB

President & CEO,

Chairwoman, International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP)

Spring-Market Spring has sprung in most parts of the country. . . trees are in bloom, flowers are growing and with the signs of life emerging comes the emergence of the full blown SPRING MARKET.  Depending on where you live, the market may have been heating up already and yet we need to be prepared for the activity headed our way.  All markets have competition, so what are you doing to be the Chosen One with your clients in an industry that can be transient and selective?  Making sure to nurture your relationships ensures that your clients remain loyal. Here are 5 TOP TIPS to help make sure you are at the forefront of the minds of your clients when they need help.
  1. Reach out to your Client Base:  When is the last time you reached out to your REALTOR clients to remind them that you are a resource for them to help them get listings and ensure those listings look their best BEFORE hitting the market?  The old adage “Out of sight-out of mind” applies to our industry – we can never just rest on our laurels and expect to have consistent business.  We have to reach out via various marketing methods: email, marketing drops, phone calls, and social media.
  2. ASK for the business:  I know this can be an uncomfortable situation to have to ASK for business, so here is a line I have used for YEARS that is a passive way to ask for business.  Simply CALL you clients and say, “I am putting my calendar together for the next 2 weeks and wanted to find out if you had anything I need to hold a spot for you as one of my preferred clients?”  See, that is much better than saying, “I have not heard from you in a while and I need income for my business.  Use me.”  We all get very “productive” in life and business and we want to be top of mind when our clients realize they need Staging help.  Every time I have made that call to a client, they say, “Matter of fact, I was just thinking about you!” or “I was just going to call you – good timing!” And then they proceed to share that they have a listing coming up that needs help, etc.  A gentle reminder and personal touch is key.
  3. Send them information that will HELP THEM:  When we come from a place of service and helping our clients gain more business, they see us as a resource not only for making houses look great, but also to help them grow their businesses.  Be of value in other ways than just Staging.  One of the best things we can send are STATISTICS – and there is a new statistics on the site that depicts the highlights from the NAR Profile of Home Staging.  If you have not downloaded it yet, go get it and send it out via email, newsletters, and social media.  It has powerful numbers in the statistics that is taken right from NAR.  When agents include this in their marketing, it will help get Sellers on board to Stage.
  4. Personal Touch:  We cannot escape the personal touch whether you choose to pick up the phone or text a client – we need to reach out personally.  My preference is to make a call, but when you have a client that is a texter, use that method to just send a short text letting them know you are thinking of them and hope they are having a great week.  Be ever-present in their business and thoughts and you will get the calls.
  5. Share NEW resources and services you offer:  We cannot let our businesses stagnate and get stale so make sure to send them any links of current Staging work you have done, new services you offer, and how you are adjusting to the ever-changing market.  It could be the acquisition of some great new inventory you will be using in a property or new knowledge you have gained.  Earning NEW designations is one way to stay on top of this industry, and adds VALUE to your business and for your clients.  When you earn the knowledge, make sure to share with your sphere so they know you are even more qualified to help them!  A plug for the June 20th Buyer Trends Specialist (BTS) Designation is appropriate here – being able to advise your Sellers what their target buyer wants to see in a property, material trends, correctly identifying property styles, and understanding the 5 Demographic groups is taught in this info-packed 3 hour webinar based Designation Course.
Get personal – be proactive – and be a resource in other ways for your clients – and this Spring Market that turns into a Summer Frenzy will help YOU capture and capitalize on available business!  

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