New Page for Accredited Staging Professional Course

I just opened up a new page for our ASP Accredited Staging Professional Course. I would so love and appreciate each of you liking the page! Also trainers I would love you to add a short write up of the next class with city and dates that you are going to be teaching so that people will know where you will be training. Thank you ahead of time for doing this. Sandy Earnhart, ASPM – Certified ASP Trainer I added your class picture for the top of the page cover picture of this new FB page I built and then wrote a bit of what you said about your great class. I hope you don’t mind my showing you off 🙂 Thank you all…..we did not have a page just for our ASP Course and I figured it was more than time that we did 🙂 Also please any of you feel free to write success stories from what you learned in our ASP Course anytime you want to do so on our new page of the ASP Accredited Staging Professional Course! Sandy Earnhart

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