New Year’s Home Remodeling Resolutions: Enter 2019 In Style

New Year’s Home Remodeling Resolutions: Enter 2019 In Style

Making promises and writing down New Year’s resolutions become a tradition, and everybody hopes that the next year will bring them something great. You should know those good things won’t happen by themselves, so you’ll need to put some effort into it. There are two paths you can go in order to transform your resolutions into action: work on yourself or work on your environment. This text will try to help you improve the latter and redecorate your living space with style. Keep reading and learn how to remodel your home before the world enters 2019.  

Save up some energy

The biggest concern humanity has at the moment is most certainly climate change. Every human being is responsible for what will happen to our planet and ecosystem, so make sure your carbon footprint remains acceptable. The first step toward a better world is to cut down energy usage. Make a promise to the Earth that you’ll be turning off light bulbs when you’re not in the room, recycle every time you can, and invest in at least one solar panel in 2019. Of course, make sure to seal and insulate your home. This will minimize energy usage while decreasing your bills.  

Be smart about materials

The next year should be all about low maintenance and durability. Choose materials that are easy to use and that will last for a long time. For example, you can use fiber-cement siding which will stay there for at least 50 years. It will also save your home from bad weather or fire. Next, invest in LED bulbs and scatter them all around your house. These energy savers will illuminate your living space for a long time. If you use them around 3 hours per day, you can expect them to last between 18 and 46 years.  

Work on family-friendly kitchen

The kitchen is not just a space for preparing food, it’s also a place where family comes together to eat and relax from everyday stress. That’s the reason why you should keep your kitchen clean and organized. If your kitchen isn’t accessible, make sure to remodel it. Think about the style and look online for inspiration. One of the best decoration patterns is most certainly the chess-based furniture. This uncommon style will make your kitchen more interesting, and it’s black and white colors will keep it minimalistic and modern.

Declutter on a regular basis

Avoid entering New Year with cluttered living space. You should get rid of all unnecessary magazines, papers, and mail which piled up on every flat surface in your living room. Gather and throw out all that junk, and spend some time dusting. Once everything is clean, make sure it stays that way, and you’ll make that possible if you clean every few weeks or so. Your living room will look much better after decluttering and you can even go an extra mile and reorder furniture in it. Making new furniture arrangement will refresh your home, and that a great move for entering 2019 with style.    

Final thoughts

Once you’re done with above-mentioned steps, it is time to make more resolutions for 2019. You should promise that you’ll spend more time with your loved ones and include them in numerous family projects. Make a resolution to spend more time in nature, and bring some of it into your home. In the end, promise that you’ll grow and learn about yourself, so everyone around you can benefit. If your inner life is in order, your home will be cozier and more welcoming for every guest. Enter the New Year with the clean house and clean mind, and you can expect it will be a better one than the last.   Article submitted by Bob Gorman / Freelance writer [email protected]

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