Positive Attitude Sent – Positive Things Received Back!!

It’s has been an amazing week for me!!  Crazy, busy productive!!  My schedule was booked back to back.  Today is the first time I have had to myself to get online and do the necessary correspondence and blog.

Anyway, I made the decision weeks ago to remain positive & optimistic about our country, my business, life and the future – regardless of external circumstances.  I also believe that good things are going to come my way.  AND THEY ARE!!  I am watching in awe as a God is presenting me with things that are all good. 

It is absolutely true that we cannot change anything but our attitude, our actions and reactions.  It is a liken to the factors in selling Real Estate –

  1. Location
  2. Condition
  3. Terms Available
  4. The Market
  5. Price
  6. Preparation of the Home – Staging®

Sellers truly ONLY have control over the last two – not the first four.   I have made the decision to focus and change the things I can –

  1. My actions
  2. My reactions
  3. My attitude
  4. What I see & hear

Let everyone else do what they are going to do & act as the will.  I want no negative things to enter this head!!  I want positive input as it makes it easier to express & expect the positive.  Well, let me tell you what is going on …

As I went through my insane schedule this week –

  • I went to an initial meeting with a real estate related business owner that is looking for a Home Staging Professional to bring to his service as an added benefit.  Its a visionary concept and I am excited about the possibilities (more later).  Here is where is gets cool.  Just as we sat down to talk @ Panera Bread one of the RE agents I Stage for came in – I consider Sue a friend as well as a colleague – I promise this was NO set up – she sat down and without abandon spoke well of me.  I love her – thank you, Susan Orneck!!  I could not have received a better endorsement.  Thank you God, I say!!
  • Then, I taught a Home Staging class @ Keller Williams Gulf Coast in Seminole, Florida.  I taught out of Gary Keller’s book “Shift”; specifically Tactic 8/Staging (read the book – Gary is spreading the word and stresses the importance of Staging in a shifting market very well).  As I was setting up agent Sandy Hartmann popped her head in the room to tell me a property I Staged for her had an offer & was (at that moment) in negotiations; the seller was in the process making her decision right there in the office.  Well, the offer was good; cash; the seller took it.  She walked by the room as I was teaching.  The seller – bless her heart (I love this woman) – she is a hoot – came in and sang my praises to the Realtors in the room.  It was completely off the cuff & sweet, sweet!!  Again I was in awe – not of myself, not of anything I had done it as God …

I cannot say it strongly enough – expect good things and they will come your way!!!  As Barb says, “More IS More …”

Jan Whitlow, ASPM, IAHSP

PS I will never take credit for any success I may have – its all in spite of me – the flawed insecure little girl I hide inside!

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