Prepping for the Spring Market: 5 Tips from Kim Addelman

Sellers need to be prepared to greet Buyers who are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. Kim Addelman, a licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Realty USA and accredited ASP® Stager gives her top five tips.

  1. Less is more – De-cluttering is crucial when preparing a home for sale. By de-personalizing and eliminating the fluff, the space becomes more visible. This takes the house from “mine” to “yours”. Think about donating items to a local charity
  1. Pay attention to Detail – Take a walk through of your space and try to think like a buyer. Look at doorways, crown molding and other elements of your home you would not typically notice. Your attention to detail is the difference between “for sale” and SOLD.
  1. Outside Elements – Curb Appeal grabs buyer’s attention when prospective buyers drive by. A well maintained exterior entices buyers to want to see the interior. Make a lasting first impression by adding potted flowers, dark mulch and sprucing up your yard and entrance.
  1. Compare – Review active listings with your real estate agent. See how your price, location and condition stack up to the competition. Adjust accordingly to gain an edge on the competition & get your house Staged.
  1. Smells can make or break a sale – Think clean and fresh, not mildew, pet or cooking odors. Many people buy with their noses. Make sure your house is Q-Tip Clean!

Kim Addelman specializes in residential real estate and is an Accredited Staging Professional®. Addelman provides valuable tips like this along with village Lifestyle information on her “Living in Williamsville “Facebook page. Contact Kim at [email protected] or 716.816.5654

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