Prevent Your Drains From Getting Clogged By Roots

Exterior Drain Cleaning The beauty of the neighborhood is taken up a notch with greenery and trees, especially in the weather of spring. They also provide a natural shade which is quite a helpful aspect. The one thing that could cause a potential problem is the roots of the trees which can end up in your drain pipes and clog them. So, both things are important, and there has to be a workable solution. This article will explain how roots can damage your sewers and what to do to prevent them.   Since sewerage pipes carry a lot of water and nutrients, tree roots always look for sources. A crack in the sewerage pipe can release water and that is bound to attract the roots of the tree. If the roots reach the opening once, they can get the water and nutrients can keep growing until the whole pipe gets blocked. This can cause a huge problem for you and block the whole sewerage pipe in your house.   Nib it in the bud before it starts There are a number of indications before the whole system blocks and it is better if you catch them early to prevent a costly fix. If you spot signs like sewer pipes clog, struggling sound in the sewerage and continued clogging even after multiple cleanups. The water may also get blocked in the bathtub or below the washing machine. All of these could be due to a root invasion underground which you should get fixed immediately before it grows.     The route out the drain Homeowners in many places are responsible for the pipes of their houses and the overall drainage pipes of the community. The first thing you can do is pay specialist minimal money to route your drain out. You can also make sure you will not face any problems in the future by doing a DIY yourself.   If you pour a little bit of copper sulphate into your toilet and flush it. If there is a root invasion happening somewhere, this will stop it. Copper sulphate is poisonous to tree roots and that is why it will keep the roots away.   The plumber or a sewer specialist? So, who can actually help you if a face a problem like this? A plumber or a sewer specialist would be the first choice since they both sound the same but there are few differences. Plumbers do not fix sewers mostly and if they confirm that there is a sewer line invasion happening in your house sewerage system, they may recommend you a sewer specialist. The Relining Company Sydney is one of the specialized companies in such tasks and could be the best solution for you.     Procedure A lot of sewer specialists like to push down a camera down the drain to know exactly what is causing the problem. This helps them determine how big or small the problem is and what solution would be workable. If the roots have just entered the opening, the specialist may use chemicals to keep them away.   But if the roots have formed a mass and blocked the drain, then the pipe may need to be dug up and replaced. The specialist may even use a mechanical routing device to cut the roots and let the sewerage flow. If the pipe has been completely blocked and damaged, replacing it could cost you some amount because it would need to be dug up first.   But once it gets replaced, it’s the best solution you could have because new pipes are always better since they are made from better material. Clay pipes are cheaper, but it is easier for roots to get through them while metal pipes are heavier, but it is extremely hard for roots to get through them, but they may have loose joints. So, the best option is to go with plastic as it works best in such situations.   Article submitted by:  Craig Evans, Founder & Author Curious Vision

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  1. Thanks for this blog. I learned some tips about this blog. I had experienced these problems last week thanks to my friend who help me with my problem. I hope you post more blog helps us. So that we can learn more. Thanks for the ideas you shared with us. It is a big help not just for me but for all the readers who don’t have any ideas about this kind of tips.

  2. I liked what you said about how it would be smart to make sure that your tree’s roots can grow down to your sewer lines. That is good for me to know because I am a new homeowner and I have several trees on my property. I should get a professional to come to check if my sewer line is getting damaged by the tree roots.

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