Quick Guide to Successful Branding

The other day I was asked how to build a successful brand, and I thought I’d share my answer here at the Stagedhomes.com blog. The question also prompted me to write a longer brand building information article, which is now available for ASPs® at the Staging University. A brand is essentially a company’s expression of identify and especially a statement of its uniqueness compared to similar businesses in the marketplace. Often branding is referred to as the proper development and selection of a logo and even website design. Certainly both are very important, but a brand is a lot more than just logo and design. The article at the Staging University teaches you how to build a brand that will help you stand out in your marketplace. I discuss how important it is to build familiarity with your brand so that those who may need your services a year from now will think of you and your business. I share information on how you earn trust by consistently highlighting your ASP® Designation and IAHSP® Membership. The article also discusses the impact of your brand as every aspect of what’s publicized or viewed by the public will build a perception, good or less complimentary, of you and your business. I also highlight how a well-defined branding statement builds a positive expectation about working with you. I have also included information on how important it is to market your business by sharing valuable information and education your prospective clients; not just delivering a highly promotional sales presentation. Consumers large tune out when they feel they’re being sold something, and that’s I have highlighted ways to build trust through education. Once your brand is developed, used in all your outbound marketing, and is starting to be recognized in the marketplace, it’s time to protect your brand. The brand article at the Staging University will give you a tool through which you can monitor everything that’s being said about your business online, and therefore enable you to quickly take action to protect your brand. I hope these tools will be helpful as you develop your very own unique brand. Quick Guide to Successful Branding is available at the Staging University®. Log in to the Staging University® and click on the Download Document Center in the top menu. Scroll to the How-tos and guidelines section where you will find a link to the article. Live in Joy, ASP® Stage® with Joy and Enjoy the Wonder and Magic of it all. Barb Barb Schwarz The Creator of Home Staging® CEO StagedHomes.com Founder/Chairwoman, The International Association of Home Staging Professionals

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