Sacramento area Staging Success! Sold in 2 weeks in a Foreclosure Flooded Market! Staging Works!

I provided a Detailed Staging Plan to a clients that were referred to me by their ASP Realtor, John Norris.  He said he could not list their house for sale and get the price they wanted without first having an expert (me) come and advise them on what to do to get it Staged and presentable for Buyers.  I prepared a Staging Plan with for the Seller to implement, and they got busy.  Their house was 1800 square feet and FULL of lots of family things – toys, furniture, decor.  In every room there was something to remove or purge, and move around. 

The end result was a fabulous SUCCESS story!  In a market where we now top 60,000 foreclosures region-wide, this house received a solid offer in only 2 weeks.  The Buyer loved the house so much, they were willing to ensure they got the house, and brought their offer up to full-price – because they LOVED how the house felt!  The Staging did the job – it brought the buyer and locked them in emotionally.  The Sellers are THRILLED and are out shopping today for their new home!

Here are some great before and after sets for you to enjoy! – Jennie

If you live in the Sacramento region and need help getting your house prepared for sale, give the experts at We Stage Sacramento a call!  We are ready to help you with our expertise and ideas.  1-888-WE-STAGE.




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