Seattle ASP Course, June 24th – 26th, Taught personally By Barb Schwarz

Sign up now for my Seattle ASP Course for Agents and Stagers! Become an ASP…take your business to a higher level. ASP Staging Works.  Register now, call Julie at  1-800-392-7161 . Feedback from my May ASP class was: “I Loved your class.  My Real Estate business has actually improved in this market, since taking your class!  I’m giving the credit of this to you.” Tracy Serwold, ASP, Windermere Real Estate

 Call and register today!  YOU will be so glad you did.  No where else do you get the great visibility as you will on our SHC Directory, or support, materials, ability to post your Staged Houses on nor the Staging University packed full of great information as you do as an ASP!  I will personally work with you and see you there!  All my best always, Staging Works!  Become an ASP today!

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