Selling Your Home? How to Stage It for Maximum Resale Value

There’s no denying that staging can dramatically speed up the process of selling a home in any market. Better yet, staging will often pay for itself and then some by eliciting higher offers from prospective buyers. Here are a few staging tips sure to work wonders for any seller.

Gussy up the Windows and Doors

When it comes to overall return on investment, thoroughly cleaning window panes is one of the most powerful staging options available. You may want to opt for new curtains and rods while you’re at it. Slapping a fresh coat of paint on doors, shutters and molding will make your exterior far more visually appealing.

Make the Floors Shine Like a New Dime

Shabby floors that haven’t been maintained throughout the years will make even the priciest home seem far less attractive. Hardwood floors should be buffed and waxed. Linoleum and vinyl flooring should be thoroughly cleaned with the appropriate products to strip away grime.

Try to Cut Down on Furniture Clutter

It’s hard for interested shoppers to envision themselves in a home if it’s full of another family’s possessions. Having a second home to store bulky furniture will allow you to eliminate storage costs. You can use the equity in your mortgage to purchase a second home while you sell the first.

Bring in a Few Ultra-Modern Appliances

Nothing makes a home look more dated than a collection of a appliances that date back to the Clinton administration. Splurging on a new refrigerator or a stove that boasts the latest smart home features is a savvy investment. Once your home sells, you can simply move those appliances to your new house.

Switch up the Lighting in Key Areas

Over time, many homeowners get so used to their living room and bathroom lighting that they don’t realize how inadequate it seems to others. You don’t necessarily need to spring for new fixtures to make a difference. Installing the latest LED bulbs in existing fixtures will allow you to fine-tune the color temperature and intensity of light in any given space.

Obviously, even the most elaborate staging won’t do much for a home that needs serious renovation. Nevertheless, homeowners who stage their houses have a definite competitive edge over neighbors with similar properties. If you don’t take the time to come up with a unique staging plan, you’re simply leaving money on the table.

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