Sharing a Letter from Linda Lanci, ASP® and member of IAHSP®

I so appreciate what Linda wrote about my new book, “Staging to Sell; The Secret to Selling Homes in a Down Market”. Her idea is great, and with permission I am sharing the below with you too. Barb Schwarz Barb Schwarz, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP President and Founder,®, the ASP/ASPM® Courses & ASP/ASPM® Designations, The Staging University®, the IAHSP® International Association, and the IAHSP Foundation® “Dear Barb— I’ve just got to tell you this….We just got back from our trip and, to be brutally honest, I took your new book with me because I felt I “should” read it before the book signing in Chicago.  WOW—I’m flying through it and filled up a whole pad of sticky notes with things I want to implement in my business! I have so enjoyed our Convention each year and Well, I’ve got an idea for every ASP—have them read your book as a “virtual Convention”; it has totally given me the “rejuvenation” and increased “vision” that the Convention has provided me each year…I’m charged with great ideas that I can’t wait to implement for myself, my business and my Team! Each year, I have an annual business meeting (with myself!) and I just had it last week before I left for my trip. I took some time putting together my “minutes” while I was away, so reading your book was extremely timely—and most likely a “God-thing” to enhance my business plan for the coming year! Thanks so much for your mentoring, guidance and passion for all of us ASPs!” Love, Linda Linda Lanci, ASP®, IAHSP® ORDER IN THE HOUSE STAGING SERVICES, INC.

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