Special Offer for ASPs: Legal Services

You’ve asked and we’re listening!  In a recent survey of ASPs, StagedHomes.com learned the most requested “ASP Partner wish list” was LEGAL SERVICES. StagedHomes.com is proud to offer an affordable solution to an important area of need.   Whether you own a Home Staging business or are a Real Estate Agent, your business will benefit by having top notch legal firms within easy reach. Real estate trouble was the number one reason people sought legal advice in 2009 according to an article in the Toronto Sun. Contract reviews, debt collection, legal consultations, business consultations and in some cases – trail defense services can play an important role in determining the success of our business.  Most attorney fees are $100 – $300 per hour.  If you could have an attorney on your payroll for about $2.50 a day, would you see value in that?

When was the last time you…

* Had your Home Staging contracts reviewed by a legal professional? * Had your proposals reviewed by a legal professional? * Had to collect a debt? * Sat down with an attorney for an overall legal consultation of your business practices? Identity Theft is also on the rise!  Everyone is at risk and it only takes a few minutes to become a victim and can take years to be corrected.

Did you Know?

* The FTC estimates nearly 9 million victims of fraud each year. * Identity Theft is the fastest white collar crime in America. * The average time to resolve for individuals on their own is 55-130 hours and between $1,200-$5,000 to resolve. * The FTC Annual Sentinel Study says that only 16.5% of identity theft is detectable on a credit report.
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Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Small Business Plans

For a low monthly or annual fee, you can have access to valuable benefits that cover the most common business and legal needs your business will encounter. There are several small business plans available to suite your specific budget and needs. Pre-Paid legal is a publicly traded company on the NYSE with a national network of quality attorneys providing over 1.5 million businesses quality legal coverage. Finding the right plan for you is easy, simply follow the link below, select the PLAN BENEFITS tab and select your state or province.  You will be directed to a list of small business plans available in your state.  Individual and family plans are also available – inquire with us directly by email for more information. Learn More HERE!

Identity Theft Shield

More and more people from every walk of life are victimized each day. The results can be overwhelming; a loss of time and money spent by victims trying to put their lives and finances back in order. Kroll’s unmatched industry expertise, in conjunction with Pre-Paid Legal’s Legal Shield, has demonstrated with its unparalleled coverage the power of the two programs. Pre-Paid Legal’s Identity Theft Shield  is an affordable solution to combat a growing crime that knows no boundaries. Learn More HERE! In closing, we at StagedHomes.com stand behind these plans 100%.  Some of our SHC Team Members have the plan (including Barb) and we are very pleased with the service we have received.  It’s a great value at a great rate. You may also be interested in earning extra income by offering these plans to your family, friends, associates and clients.  It’s a great opportunity!  Please do let us know if you have any questions! Sincerely, Gina Vierra Vice President Stagedhomes.com

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