announces 2015 ASPM® Course

Stagedhomes is pleased to announce that the Accredited Staging Professional Master® Program will be held in Washington, DC/Northern VA on April 20 through 24, 2015. The Masters Course is an intense, powerful and fun 5 day advanced training led by Jennie Norris, ASPM, that will take your Staging business to a whole new level. Day 1 Your first day with Jennie is super-charged with information and ASPM® Home Staging enlightenment. Role playing and fine tuning helps make the Masters Course the wonderful course that it is and here you role play with the master. Jennie sets the pace for the week as she talks with you about the importance of your communication and creative skills. She goes more in-depth about effectively preparing bids, proposals and consultations. ASP® Course review
  • ASPM® Home Staging communication skills
  • Building creative ASPM® Home Staging ideas and concepts
Day 2 On this day you will prepare a Home Staging bid for a vacant property. After being at the actual house, you will have time to prepare your proposal and begin to put your bid together for the property. Putting your proposal together is a very educational and powerful part of the Masters Course. The next morning you will present your proposal to the class as to how you would Stage the property and present the bid to the client. How you present your proposal is very important for your future business. Jennie will critique your presentation and communication in a positive constructive way to help you do the best proposals possible. This hands-on learning experience with Jennie will truly give you more ideas of how to prepare and present your bids which will lead to more business for you.
  • Home Staging bids/proposal
  • Preparing a home Staging Proposal for a vacant property
  • Turning your ideas into a Home Staging bid for an actual home
  • Presentation of your Home Staging bid to Jennie and the Class
  • Receiving Positive Feedback/Critique about your Proposal and Presentation from Jennie

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