Joins National Mom’s Nite Out with Discounts for Future ASPs®

Tonight is National Mom’s Nite Out, and is excited to be part of it. Everywhere on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, as well as in homes and retail locations, moms are coming together for the first nationally organized celebration of motherhood Intended to bring together today’s moms, physically and virtually. The National Mom’s Nite Out unites over 150 social media groups, companies, local playgroups, mommy bloggers and mother social networks in giving moms a well deserved night off. Want to know more? Visit the website for National Mom’s Nite Out here. Click here if you’d like to find a local event.  For online events, click here. You can also find discounts at the National Mom’s Nite Out, and is proud to offer discounts to those who say yes to the following questions:
  • Your friends tell you that you have a natural talent and artistic abilities and you know you do!
  • You’ve wanted to go back to school or take some classes but don’t feel like you have the time or resources
  • You have considered starting your own business but don’t know how
  • You want a flexible schedule that allows time with your family as well as for your very own career
Click here to view the discounts provided by and other vendors.

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